Modern women live in the most beautiful way: freedom to marry, more freedom to divorce

 Modern women live in the most beautiful way: freedom to marry, more freedom to divorce

In this way, she married a husband 25 years older than herself. Everyone said that they were political unions, but Haya firmly said that she was married to love.

In this way, she became the envy of women, and also the model and goal of women in the United Arab Emirates.

This is undoubtedly a huge scandal for the Dubai Royal family. For both countries, such a move is even more touching. In fact, before Haya, there were many unhappy princesses, but because of economic, political and other aspects, they chose to endure for a lifetime.

So she did what all women in the United Arab Emirates wanted to do, choosing their own destiny bravely, freely and decisively. Haya tells all women that to live up to myself is that I have the right to choose when to marry and who to marry without fear of any gossip, that is, I also have the freedom to leave anyone, nothing can become my bondage.

A few years ago, the whole world was dominated by men. In many countries, women were the words of forbearance. A man can have three wives and four concubines, but he has no right to choose his own marriage. Because economic, political and other fields are dominated by men, women are not educated, unable to support themselves, not to mention the ability to support their own lives.

However, with the development of society, some women begin to awaken slowly. They understand what they want and create their own life with their own strength.

Haya is not the first woman to do this. There are many such women around us.

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in Harry Potter, is such a girl. As a child, she not only had great talent in acting, but also was admitted to Brown University with straightA.

After graduating from university, she became a feminist and made a speech at the United Nations on Heforshe, which once caused a sensation. She decided to take a year off her career and focus on feminism, which made everyone see Emmas tremendous energy.

And I think Emmas coolest choice is in love and marriage. Prince Harry of England fell in love with Emma at first sight, launched a fierce pursuit offensive, everyone is looking forward to Emma and the princes love, waiting for her to become the most beautiful princess.

But Emma was not a prince of care. She responded, Marriage to the prince is not a necessary condition for becoming a princess.

This is the most beautiful appearance of women in the new era. I will not marry a person because of power and wealth. I will not decide my marriage because of any additional conditions. I want to be the eldest woman in my life, not the little princess in whose arms.

Women who are free to choose whether or not they want to marry and who they want to marry are truly free and happy. Emma has done it, and I believe that countless women can do it through their own efforts in the future.

Speaking of freedom and marriage, we have to mention Zhang Yuqi. Her hot temper once dominated the hot search headlines. Because of her husbands deception, she cut her love knife and declared her divorce. It wasnt long before she announced that she was a single woman and could accept the pursuit of anyone, including her ex-husband. Zhang Yuqi has lived up to what all women should look like, and let everyone see what is called: as long as I am happy, anything can be done.

When I saw Zhang Yuqi, I thought of a sentence: I would rather be a ghost with teeth and claws in the light of red wine and green wine than a wrongdoer in the ordinary life. I know that there must be many people who will criticize Zhang Yuqis character and practice and think that she is too impulsive and irrational. But I think, when a woman has this strength, why not?

I think modern women will live like this, bread I can earn, you give me love, I can spoil you, but also can change you.

Of course, I know that what I said today will be rebutted by some women, who will say, You said too simply, after divorce, there are too many problems to face, which is so easy?

Of course, I know its not easy. As an emotional writer for so long, millions of female fans came to tell me about a chicken feather in their marriage. But when I asked them why they didnt divorce, they would say, How can I live after divorce? I dont have money, I dont have a job, and I have to raise children.

After hearing this, I will persuade them to bear it, because I know that these women may be more unhappy if they divorce.

First of all, women who can say so often do not have much economic strength. Most of them do not have jobs. Once they divorce, they lose their source of livelihood, maybe even the right to support their children will be lost. Its more painful for them than in a bad marriage. Even if they are divorced, they can not feel the happiness of freedom. In this case, it is better to maintain the status quo.

Secondly, they do not want to divorce from the bottom of their hearts, so they do not want to work for it. Ive seen women who really want to divorce. They will do everything they can to earn the future for themselves and their children, no matter how hard or tired they are. To be honest, without such courage, we should not divorce, otherwise the future will only be more bitter and bitter.

There is a saying that marriage is not necessarily for happiness, but divorce must be. I hope everyones marriage can be happy, but if its really unfortunate that you cant go on, I hope you are ready to make this decision later. Instead of the hasty marriage, todays divorce is impulsive.

So, how can we do this, have the right to choose freely, and decide our own marriage and destiny? In fact, its still a cliche point, you have to work hard enough, from economic to psychological independence, no matter when you dont give up yourself, dont lose the ability to make money, let yourself get better and better, no matter who you leave, you can live better, adapt to loneliness, understand that loneliness is the normal life.

I believe that if you really understand these principles and do them, no matter who you marry, you will be happy, because you will not rush into a marriage, let alone walk out of a marriage at will. You will have enough awe for marriage and you will know what you want.