Mourinhos commentary boasts that Manchester City B can win Manchester United? No chance!

 Mourinhos commentary boasts that Manchester City B can win Manchester United? No chance!

On August 11, British local time, Manchester Uniteds match with Chelsea became Mourinhos first exposition since joining Sky Sports. He said: Today, even if a team is very strong or has achieved great results, I dont believe they can win the championship.

Not only Mourinho, but also Gary Neville, the famous Red Devil, believes that United should not aim to win the championship. Manchester United cant win the championship and Chelsea cant. I think if you say you give Manchester United the fourth place in the league, Manchester United will accept it. In my opinion, they will compete with Chelsea and Arsenal for the fourth place. Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester City are far ahead in the title race. As for Manchester United, they have to step up one step at a time. You cant expect them to suddenly reach the Premier League Title seven years apart. As a Manchester United fan, I hope that Manchester United can formulate a correct strategy and carry it out steadfastly.

Last season, Manchester City and Liverpools Premier League championship battle came to light in the last round, and this season its likely that the two big clubs will fight for the championship. Apart from Mourinho and Nevilles insistence, Sonnes, who has coached Liverpool, also thinks, I think Manchester City and Liverpool will lead the way and leave behind. Other teams, including Spurs, are very far away. I dont think anyone can get close to the top two. Theyre going to fight again.

In fact, both Manchester City and Liverpool scored a good start, showing strong team strength, especially Manchester City. In the first game of the season against West Ham, both Gindoan and Aquilo played as substitutes. Dont forget that Bravo, B-Silva, Cancelo, Otamendi and Forden were also substitutes in the first game. According to the Transfer Markets, Manchester Citys substitutes for the first game of the season cost nearly 300 million pounds. Seeing such a line-up, they asked their opponents if they were desperate.

Thats why Mourinho sees Manchester City B as one of the favourites to win the championship. As the madman said, When I see the Manchester City players sitting on the bench, I think their B team has a chance to compete for the championship. As for Chelsea and Manchester United, I dont think they can stick to the end.

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