Its too wild for college students to play Taiji.

 Its too wild for college students to play Taiji.

Tai Chi Tai Chi, not too urgent:

Learning Tai Chi really has a great impact on a young person.

In the past, when I was idle, I would only be confused about the three major aspects of life and production: Who am I? Where am i? What am I doing? Now there will be another one: Why do I want to learn Tai Chi?

Its too good to make young people quiet.

Especially after Taijiquan hangs up, during that time, the campus is full of people who are crazy about Taijiquan.

In the dormitory, there are people who skip classes and play Tai Chi; in the queue in the dining hall, there are people who count the beats and compare carefully; while going to the toilet, there are many people who play Tai Chi.

But some of them seem to have fallen behind in sports. Before the exam, there will always be a person who says, I cant do it. There are still a few ways that I cant do it. Who knows, the teachers first praise is him.

What if we choose Taiji next semester? Its better to prepare for it: starting up, dividing the mane of the right and left wild horses, flaring the wings of the white crane, clasping the knees around, waving the pipa, rolling the brachium backward and backward, pulling the finch tail left, blocking the finch tail right, single whip, left and right cloud hands, single whip, high scouting horse, right pedal, two peaks running through the ears, turning left pedal, left-down independence, right-down independence, left-right shuttle, sea. Needle, flicker arm, turn around, move and block, like closed, cross hand, close, look.