August summer night, the curtain rises and the curtain falls

 August summer night, the curtain rises and the curtain falls

She sings with tears.

The curtain rises and the curtain falls.

Who is the guest?

Summer night in August, its hot to death.

Cherry stood alone by the roadside, dazed. Wang 2 is her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, who just had a big fight half an hour ago and broke up with the tide.

After three years in Xian, more than 1000 days and nights, the rent was always paid by Wang Er, so cherries were expelled.

Cherry, you go and dump the garbage. Ive been tired all day. You go down today. Who wasnt tired all day? I bought the trash can. Okay, you bought everything. Okay, I dont want to quarrel. You make it clear, which month is not my own rent, how much did you pay?

Maybe Wang Er is not so malicious, but Cherry just cant stand his tone. Cherry stood under the street lamp kicking bricks, Xiuqiu stood at her feet dejectedly, totally without the complacency of domineering at home. Xiuqiu is a dog adopted by Cherry and Wang Er.

Bedding trough, there are convenience stores open late at night, a dark light in the distance will bring cherry thoughts back to reality. She walked in quickly and saw an old woman sitting at the door of the shop. To her surprise, she was knitting a sweater on a summer night of 38 degrees.

Come and wrap up the clouds. Smoking is bad for girls. What do you care about me?

Cherry thinks shes a good interpreter of a 24-year-old lovelorn and unemployed junker.

Cant sweep code? Its 9012, please. She helplessly kneaded her pocket into a ball and threw the remaining 20 yuan on the table.

Grandma slowly picked it up, and slowly flattened the corner of the money.

Its not fresh to knit sweaters in summer nights. Suddenly cherries feel that they are too impetuous by comparison. Before the companys next-door workstation Aya shoot short video fire, now can be found in the quotation form of net red. Xiaohong, who came to Xian together in that year, went home last year. She got married at home and found a husband with stable job. She became pregnant last month. Even Li Jiaqi, who has just joined the company, is not as good as herself. Now she has climbed to the position of assistant director.

Hey! I wish I hadnt been so eager to change jobs. Cherry thought, smoking the first cigarette in her life, choking Venus in her eyes and coughing.

Wang Er also said that she wanted to chase cherries because she looked so lovely with sweat. Now, why not be cute?

Late at night, Xian seems very lonely. Mingming has lived for a long time, but has never been out so late before, strange and familiar... Cherry looked down at the show ball around her, and remembered that she was a dragger. After a hungry day of Xiuqiu, almost the whole dog lay on the asphalt road, like an old pier, motionless.

Cherry remembered her grandmother who had just sold herself cigarettes. Now she gave up herself, but she couldnt look so kind in her 60s. Whats more, Aya Xiaohong Li Jiaqi inside, how cant add a cherry! Anyway, we cant starve our family Xiuqiu. We should buy some food for the dog first. From tomorrow on, the old lady will recapture everything she has lost. With that, Cherry walked back to the convenience store and said to Grandma with the greatest smile she could show at the moment:

Give me two ham sausages!

Grandma answered. The crooked smiling eyes are somewhat like the moon after clouds and mists have dispersed. Cherry carefully spread out the ten yuan he had just found and handed it to Grandma.

Girl, youre a fake money. No Grandma, is this the money you just gave me? Dont talk nonsense! Son, Grandmas going to close the door. ...

Without lifes assault, you simply cant understand what life is like...................................................

Good night, wash and sleep.