Shen Tengyang Power of Chinas Got Talent Show was laughed at by Northeast players

 Shen Tengyang Power of Chinas Got Talent Show was laughed at by Northeast players

Buffet contestant laughs and dreams observer group, Shen Tengyang Power is deeply impressed by the joy of Northeast dialect

As everyone knows, Shen Teng has been praised as a man who grows on my laughter point in the workshop, and Yang Fangs cold humour has always been talked about by fans. However, in the first episode of the sixth season of Chinas Got Talent Show, the two dream observers were captured by a competitor at the same time. What happened?

This lucky boy is Wang Xiaoxu from Northeast China. In the opening self-introduction, Wang Xiaoxu, with his own humor buff, immediately hit Shen Tengs joke by saying, Im from Northeast Province. Wang Xiaoxus delightful Northeast accent and leaping language style made four dream observers feel his unique charm.

Later, in the dialogue with dream observers, Wang Xiaoxu would Tucao his northeast English for a while, and will show you the cartoon pendants on his own, so that the four dream observers could not stop laughing. Shen Teng pointed out that Northeasterners have always thought that they speak Mandarin very well, and did not realize that their intonation was declining. After that, they fell into a happy atmosphere of learning Northeastern dialect with Yang Power.

When faced with such a comedy talented player, Yang Fang bluntly said, If not for the time limit, I can listen to him all the time. I dont know how many yes this player will get? ?

Positive Energy makes Venus laugh and cry. Cai Guoqings stern style is revealed at the beginning.

Some players make Shen Teng laugh, others make Venus cry and laugh. Previously, Qiu Yong, with two ladles beating rhythm, created a new folk song for fitness singing and dancing, which made Full Positive Energy popular on the Internet, also came to the scene of the first Chinas Got Talent Show. This time, he brought the plus version of Full Positive Energy. Interestingly, when Shen Teng, Yang Fang and Cai Guoqing enjoyed Qiu Yongs performance with great interest, Venus seemed not satisfied, turning his back to the players honestly.

In the face of all kinds of performances of competitors, Cai Guoqing first affirms his excellent side, but if in his opinion, the shortcomings are more obvious, or he can not convince himself, he will also give no mercilessly. Previously, Cai Guoqing had said that as the oldest of the four dream observers, he would consciously shoulder some of Saynos responsibilities, which seems to be true.

Which personality contestants in the first issue of the sixth season of Chinas Got Talent Show will cause a heated discussion among the audience. Will the four dream observers have different opinions? Please look forward to 21 oclock Oriental Satellite TV tonight!

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