Chairman of Hong Kong Police Association: Gasoline bombing is a terrorist act

 Chairman of Hong Kong Police Association: Gasoline bombing is a terrorist act

[Global Times-Global Network Report] The Hong Kong government issued a statement on November 11 confirming that a Hong Kong police officer was burned both feet by a gasoline bomb thrown by a mob in Tsim Sha Tsui on the same day. Hong Kong Police Chief Lu Weicong strongly condemned this and said that the police force must make every effort to pursue it.

A Hong Kong police officer who was on duty at Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station on November was burned on both feet by a gasoline bomb thrown by a mob and is currently being treated in Margaret Hospital, according to a Hong Kong government announcement. Police Chief Lu Weicong visited the injured policeman that night and condemned him in the strongest terms. Any violence that causes serious bodily injury to others or even threatens the safety of their lives must be fully investigated by the police force.

Chief Police Officer Chen Minde, chairman of the Hong Kong Police Association, told the Global Times on November 11 that attacking police with petrol bombs was an extreme act of violence and a serious crime that was absolutely unacceptable. Whatever its appeal is, there is no reason to rationalize this evil practice. In fact, it is already a terrorist act. Chen Minde said that under Chapter 212 of the Hong Kong Law on Crimes against the Person Ordinance, serious injuries can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Violents with simulated firearms captured in the media

On the evening of the same day, illegal demonstrators gathered outside Tsimshatsui police station for several hours. Some netizens reported that someone had fired tear gas into the police station using modified simulated guns. Among the oppositions social media groups, some say the guns are more powerful weapons after transformation.

In addition, Hong Kong police sources told Global Times that in addition to attacking the police with gasoline bombs and modified guns, there were also mobs hiding military folding daggers, pulling fish silk traps in the streets to try to knock down the police. We can see that they are increasing their force step by step, using more insidious and poisonous tactics, and organizing their work and running around to attack. The police said.

In Wanchai on the evening of November 11, demonstrators destroyed the pavement and tried to attack the police with bricks.

Chen Minde stressed to the Global Times that the most important thing at present is to stop the riots, stop trusting those plausible misconceptions and push citizens, especially young people, into the abyss of evil.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Zhao Yaping_NN9005