The owner of the canoe rescued people and turned his bar into a settlement.

 The owner of the canoe rescued people and turned his bar into a settlement.

Just now, I contacted Mr. Cang of the night bar that I contacted yesterday. He said that he is at home now. There is no water or electricity in other places. I live on Xiaqiao Road. At 6 oclock, there is a call for water. My aunt is cooking rice. The dish is the other day, so we can stir-fry an egg and cabbage. Great. You can have a hot meal.

Mr. Cang is 25 years old. The owner of the night bar is his cousin. Yesterday and this morning, two people have been rescuing villagers in the flood.

After talking to you last night, the cell phone ran out of power. He said he immediately went out to rescue until about 3 a.m. When I came back, I was too tired to stand up. I was not as fit as my cousin.

Because mobile phones dont have electricity, they are starting to pound charging treasures.

We heard that after 4 a.m., Xianju was going to spill floodwater, and the coastal area was terrible. Later, the information proved to be a rumor. But we dare not sleep, want to charge the cell phone, ready to set out to save people.

Charging treasure is rented by shop scanner. It has already been flooded. Several two-dimensional codes of charging treasure can not be swept out. He and his cousin, two young men thought of a way to take apart the charging treasures one by one and the batteries inside.

Then connect to the rechargeable treasure that can be scanned out and charge a little.

At this time, the night bar has become one of the seaside settlements, many professional rescue teams in charge boats, one after another to rescue the residents to the bar.

In the early morning, there are about 6 or 70 people in the bar. The biggest one is an old man in his 70s and the smallest one is a two or three-year-old boy. They are all bare buttocks. Everyone sleeps tiredly on the sofa.

After the cell phone charged, under the weak light of the cell phone, Xiaocang cooked some noodles to fill their stomachs. When they ate noodles, they all smiled and were very happy.

Although the night bar is located in a higher position, it has not escaped a disaster. Warehouses and kitchens are also flooded. Among them, the warehouse location is the lowest and the kitchen is a little higher. When I cooked noodles, the water came to my stomach.

In the morning, the water level fell, and the rescued residents left one after another. When everyone left, they could not stop thanking them, saying thanks for saving their lives and for taking them in.

After the residents left, Xiaocang and his cousin barely prepared to sleep for a while. But the weather is too hot, without electricity, it is difficult to fall asleep. After a short sleep, it wakes up hot.

When you wake up, you dont sleep. In the morning, two people went to the hospital and got tetanus injections. People who have saved a day have been cut and wounded a lot. The water is so dirty.

Today, they did not go out to rescue people. Xiaocang said that the flood had receded. The streets and alleys were full of professional rescue teams, and they were no longer needed. I went home at noon. I lived with my cousin and aunt on Xiaqiao Road. The store is in the old city. We also went to the supermarket to see, there is a supermarket open, but there is nothing in it.

In this typhoon, the night bar lost a lot, the whole warehouse was flooded, drinks and other items were soaked in water. We havent counted how much we have lost.

Xiaocang said that the bar had just been decorated, leaving a lot of wood, silt and other decoration materials. If we dont receive the first call, we will rescue all the items in the warehouse and reinforce them with wood and sand to reduce losses.

Starting with the first rescue call, the two men embarked on the road of non-stop rescue until 3 a.m., even breathing time was luxury.

The 25-year-old said, I feel like its the most meaningful thing Ive done in all these years.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Luo Chongwei_NB12082