Admiral of Peking University: I think the Student Union is very happy.

 Admiral of Peking University: I think the Student Union is very happy.

According to the admission regulations of Peking University, the admission office of Peking University is specifically responsible for the general undergraduate admission of Peking University.

Earlier, Red Star journalists contacted the Henan Provincial Department of Education. At that time, a staff member of the Information Office told reporters that the Henan Provincial Department of Education had paid attention to the online transmission of information, which is currently being verified.

On August 11, Peking University issued a circular saying that since August 6, the recruitment of National Special Plan by Peking University in Henan Province has attracted the attention of public opinion. Schools attach great importance to this, and set up a special working group at the first time to fully understand and verify the specific situation of enrollment of Henan Provinces National Special Program. Verified: In 2019, Peking University enrolled 8 students in the National Special Program of Henan Province. On July 10, 2019, before the filing of the National Special Program in Henan Province, the admission office of Henan Province and the admission office of Peking University communicated on the distribution of studentssources, indicating that there were eight first-volunteer candidates. Among them, the sixth candidates scored 667 points, the seventh candidates scored 542 points and the eighth candidates scored 536 points. The second volunteer candidates have high scores. Henan Enrollment Office submits the archives of 8 volunteers of National Special Program to Peking University. After full communication, the two Enrollment Offices will return the 7th and 8th candidates to Peking University after normal interaction procedures in the admission system. After completing the withdrawal procedures, Henan Enrollment Office submits the files to Peking University. Two second volunteers of the National Special Program for Science and Technology (both with 671 marks) were registered by the admission office of Peking University, thus completing the enrollment of the National Special Program in Henan Province in 2019. In response, the Admissions Committee of Peking University held a special meeting to hear the report of the admissions office. The meeting considered that: in 2019, the enrollment task of our school in Henan Province has been completed; in view of the enrollment work of Henan Provinces National Special Plan taking the form of voluntary filing in order, two returned candidates reached the same batch of admission control score line and met the admission conditions, should be admitted; There are irregularities in Cheng, and the reasons for withdrawing from the admissions office are not valid. The admissions committee decided to apply for the two candidates who had been retired according to the procedure.

Peking University also said that the National Special Plan is a special enrollment plan for poor areas and a policy measure to promote educational equity. The school will continue to implement the requirements of the National Special Plan, strictly abide by the enrollment process, and actively take measures such as scholarship, academic promotion and academic counseling to help every student grow up healthily. For this recruitment work, the school sincerely accepts social supervision and criticism, earnestly summarizes and reflects, draws lessons, checks and amends, and further improves the admission system and procedures.

After the announcement and supplement of the two persons from Peking University, Red Star News tried many times to contact Cheng Qian, but failed. Yuan Shuhua, deputy head teacher of his class, Xincai Yigao, told Red Star News that the student had indeed planned to re-read, but the re-reading was scheduled to start in late August. Mr. Yuan said that he had not seen any students during the holidays and was not very clear about the previous withdrawal, but believed that the investigation by the higher authorities would make him happy with the results.

After the war, Henan Province agreed to retire the poor students who had dropped out of class three times.

In 2019, Peking University put eight enrollment quotas into Henan Science Department in the national special plan. The eighth-ranked candidates scored 538 points, more than 36 points on a line, subject to professional adjustments, and then were promoted by Peking University. However, after 20 minutes of filing, Peking University applied for withdrawal on the grounds that candidates who failed to complete their studies after enrollment would be dropped out.

Henan poverty-stricken candidates crossed the line but were withdrawn from Peking University three times: will be added