How to choose a mans watch? 0-4K budget entry-level watch here!

 How to choose a mans watch? 0-4K budget entry-level watch here!

The three tables are: tool table, formal table and weekend table.

Among them, the tool sheet is the one that does not worry about how bad the use of the scene is at ease, regardless of the wind and rain, can be very good to complete the task of indicating time.

Among them, Casio G-Shock series watches are the most representative products. Its no wonder that many servicemen in various countries are willing to buy a G-Shock at their own expense to ensure safety.

Formal watch, as its name implies, is to attend some business and business occasions with symptoms.

For example, high-level talks, weddings, cocktail parties and so on.

Weekend table, between the two

First, they dont pay much attention to functionality, but rather pursue quality and appearance; secondly, they are not so formal and luxurious, and they are more suitable for leisure time, when they go shopping, collecting styles or when they go out for dinner.

The three watches have different styles and distinct positioning. They can indeed be switched back and forth. If the budget permits, it is a relatively safe choice to start buying the three watches.

Next, lets recommend some good-looking wristwatches at the entry level.

Casio MQ-24-7B2

A very basic student watch, boys and girls can wear, the style is extremely simple, white and versatile, the foundation of waterproof, usually wash hands and anything is not afraid of damage, the strap is plastic, the dial is resin material, very portable.

Very small and refreshing style, the Student Party can join the list of couples! Really collocate at will all the year round ~and the price is no pressure for the Student Party!

In a word, its the right thing to buy!

It is also a well-known classic series! 5600 is the basic paragraph, and 5610 joins the radio timekeeping function, which is more economical to use.

This watch belongs to a watch that boys have worn, and its comfortable to wear. The classic style will never be out of date.

Seiko SKX007

Super. Super Classic Initial Diving Machinery Watch

Unique appearance, rich MOD resources and watchband selection, 200 meters waterproof and strong reliability, suitable for 16 to 60 years of age design language


The most popular blue angel is the first watch or even the only watch of many friends.

Flexible appearance, full-featured, and aviation story endorsement, whether durable steel tape, or unique tape, are very good.

At the same time, the time of radio plus the price of about 2K, is also considered to be cost-effective, very suitable to start with.


ETA2824 classic core can be automatically chained, and has 42 hours power storage, very careful and graceful choice.

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