Why has the Western Queen Mother been selling a ring for more than 20 years and still has no worries about selling it?

 Why has the Western Queen Mother been selling a ring for more than 20 years and still has no worries about selling it?

_Swatchx Vivienne Westwood (image: carousell)

Among these out-of-print medieval antiques, besides luxury bags, I have also seen many people have a special love for Vivienne Westwoods old accessories, which are hard to see in todays Western Queen stores and official websites.

Saturn lighters, which started at 10,000 yuan, have a time limit of 500 in 1997. (image: grailed)

Those who really love the Queen Mother will be fascinated by her works in the glorious period of the last century. In their eyes, the old style is not only of great collection value, but also of more elaborate workmanship. So Vivienne Westwoods medieval accessories are as expensive as Archives, even more expensive than the new models. Whats more, they will collect the classic duplicate moneys issued by the Queen Mother every year like stamp collecting to preserve their value.

I learned from a veteran Vivienne Westwood player that in addition to selling new products through regular channels (stores, official websites) every season, the Queen Mother also has a hidden line. The items in it have different designs from other big goods, while only one British Queen Mother Mothers shop sells them all over the world.

_Vivienne Westwood Worlds End, address: 430 Kings Rd, Chelsea, London SW100LJ (image: global blue)

The most popular and recognizable Vivienne Westwood accessory must be the ArmourRing. At that time, the Queen Mother was inspired by the armor of knights in the Middle Ages. The rings generally had four sections (later, some engraved and hollowed-out designs were three sections), which could bend and adapt to finger joints. It has been more than 20 years since it was launched, and it is still popular with new and old VW fans.

(image: taniatells)

It is not only because Vivienne Westwood often uses such memorable and lovely elements as Saturn, love and the cross, but also because the Japanese animation NANANA contributes to this. The fashion-loving author Yasuzawa brings Vivienne Westwoods clothes and accessories to the second meta-world. The punk band in the cartoon is the Queen Mother of the West. NANANA has also become a key word given to Vivienne Westwood by consumers in Asia.

(image: myanimelist)

Sex Pistols, a popular band name in the animation, is the legendary sex pistol pioneer of the British punk rock band. Although it took only a short time to dissolve, and there were not many works, there were a lot of trifles in lace news, but they affected the whole of Europe and even the whole world.

(image: riotfest)

The origin of Sex Pistols refers to a man: Malcolm McLaren. At that time, he and his girlfriend opened a clothing store, which was very profitable, but Malcolm McLarens ambition was not there. He was always interested in rock and roll and wanted to be a music producer and band broker. Steve Jones, a shop assistant who worked in his shop, wanted to form a riverside band, Strand Band, with Paul Cook and their classmates. (It is said that their instruments and equipment were from Steve Jones.)

_Malcolm McLaren (image: krazyrod)

Malcolm McLaren later recruited Glen Matlock, another shop assistant, into the bass player of the rock band, but the band was short of a lead singer. Malcolm noticed John Lydon, a green-haired teenager who often strolled around the store, and after auditioning, he found that he was the one the band needed. As a result, a seemingly mixed group of people formed a band that set off the British punk movement. Malcolm McLaren, the man behind the band, was also known as the Godfather of Punk.

Interestingly, Sid Vicious, the bassist who later replaced Glen Matlock, didnt really understand musical instruments. His loudspeakers were all turned off when the band was playing. It was said that someone was playing bass for him in the background. It is said that Sid is a Pogo inventor in fact, it is only a joke, but it is true that Sid has made great progress here. If Sid joined the band, it was probably because he was handsome.

(image: twitter)

Malcolm McLarens clothing store was originally called LetitRock. Later, it changed its name many times. Then it was his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood who designed the clothes. She likes to express radical words on her clothes, Sex Pistols is one of them, and was later used by Malcolm as the name of the band. Of course, the effect is much better than any riverside band.

At that time, Sex Pistolscostumes were also run by the Queen Mother, and even some of the lyrics of the band were created by her. Over time, her fame with her namesake brand rose.

_John Lydon (Johnny Rotten in Sex Pistols). Originally Scottish grille was a fashion element of the upper class, but Vivienne, an anarchist, turned it into a member of the street and punk.

Around the mid-1980s, about a year after the separation of Queen Mother and Malcolm, she focused more on her own fashion design. At that time, she produced a royal theme series with a sense of future in Italy, because she wanted to bring tradition to the future. There was a knitted sweater in the series, and she thought that Prince Charles could wear it in his spare time, so she added all the emblem designs that the Prince of England might have.

_Series named Time Machine (image: viviennewestwood)

In order to add futurism, she chose Saturn with satellite rings, which was inspired by her son who loved astronomy. He showed his mother many astronomical magazines. The Queen Mother added some fancy ornaments, and Saturn Logo was born.~

(image: viviennewestwood)

Interestingly, the logo collided with Harris Tweed, a British fabric. Vivienne, who once wore a Harris Tweed jacket on the London Metro, looked so cool that she soon became the first designer to use Harris Tweed to make clothes out of this traditional fabric. Because of this, Harris Tweed also reaped fame and wealth, and then there was no more.~

_Vivienne Westwood 1987 Autumn and Winter Harris Tweed (image: gentrevue, yahoo)

In addition to the unique style of Vivienne Westwoods clothing, Punk Godmother is also very deviant in nature, not only putting some ironic elements into the design, but also often boldly expressing radical statements that are not afraid of offending people, which has inspired many people as pioneers. (including her sons, they all think their mothers are cool.)

(image: dazed)

(image: therake)

Perhaps the punk and hard core aspects of Vivienne Westwood are not easily accepted by the public. But the stubborn and rebellious youth culture she reflects is always surging in depth like a undercurrent. The deeper the people who love it, the deeper the people who dont love it may never be interested.

And the unique views of the Western Queen Mother on Humanities and ecology, I think that people who like or dislike her are worth thinking about: Buyless, choosewell, make it last. I hope people can buy less garbage clothes.

Punk is not about ear holes, nose rings, eyebrow nails, smoked chicken nests, or leather jackets with holes in trousers. Perhaps Vivienne dares to question the voiceless attitude, which is the most punk.

(image: grailed)

Punk is everything to me and Malcolm, she said. Now I dont talk about it as much as others think. Its not because Im too shy to talk about it, or because I think its outdated or something, but because Im focused on other topics that are more interesting at the moment. What I want to explain is that what Im doing is still punk, crying out for injustice, for arousing people to think, even if its unpleasant. In this point of view and attitude, I will always have a punk soul! ____________

(image: anothermag)