This years huge fire of six bags, each one is crazy heartbeat! ____________

 This years huge fire of six bags, each one is crazy heartbeat! ____________

A lot of Tina have brought Haha, each bag has its unique charm, Tina can not be abandoned, to have all. What bag would you choose to take when the mud sprouts?

Not to mention much, Tina is here today to share with you some bags that are fashionable and versatile for outdoor travel. With it, you are the beautiful baby on this gai.

Green Plaid canvas bag style is relatively Japanese, fresh and simple color without losing style, daily travel is very suitable.

The blue elements on the canvas bag and the plaid shoes echo each other, and the whole look looks more coordinated and integrated. Girl, who is full of literary and artistic sense, recommends giving it a try.

In addition to the letters slogan printing, the decoration of color elements will make the canvas bag look more childlike, full of vitality, lovely knocking, and photography is also very impressive.

Black and white stripe stitching is full of artistic flavor, personality and not excessive exaggeration, with white dress is simply perfect, elegant and atmospheric, suitable for small lovely people at work.

This years popular personality funny design mud must not be missed, can bring a bright color to the whole set of look, cute and childlike, fashionable up.

The ruffled rainbow canvas bag is concise but stylish, with a basic white shirt, special knock, high eye-catching index.

Pure white canvas bag is somewhat monotonous, ginger instantly lights up the whole look, shirt + jeans, age-reducing lively, looks refreshing.

Canvas Tote bag, large stock of thieves, cool to no friends, with loose PA pants, full tone.

The big characteristic of net pocket Zui is irregularity. What you pack, what shape is the bag, full of personality.

The combination of canvas lining and net bag also has a fashion sense. The round wooden handbag ring reduces the monotony of white, and the overall style is very nice.

Fishing net bucket bag is very suitable for holidays concave shape, matched with yellow Plaid Dress temperament full score, the crowd has its own focus.

The bright yellow net bag looks very cool, and the light bag shape is more fashionable, intentionally or unintentionally.

However, if you like a slightly straightforward feel, Tina suggests that Nimeng choose a more stylish net bag, which is not easily deformed, and the fashion model is still the same.

Straw wrapping is the right way to open this years retro fashion. Tina also bought several haha. Wearing a loose and comfortable Red Plaid skirt,

Literary and artistic ladies

Its a great match.

Straw bags are more textural than ordinary bags. The color system is also fresh. Simply let you return to nature.

The small barrels straw wrapping is delicate and lovely. It is equipped with zuis simple suspension belt. It has its own cooling effect and is full of leisure and comfort.

Choose smaller bags for everyday use. Whether its on the street or on a date, its easy to navigate. With straw hats, you feel like youre on vacation.

The combination of straw knitting and leather has injected soul into him, doubled his fashion sense, and is also very versatile, with skirts or pants are a must.

Bohemian wind small round bag with mysterious exotic customs, whether it is daily collocation or go out on a date, full value.

This year, its also popular to add Plush elements to bags. French romance is very obvious, feminine, and also a little expert in taking pictures of concave shapes.

Tina likes straw bags very much. Its not a bit of a burden to go out with such bags. Its not great.

The bamboo knitting bag in hand highlights the texture characteristics. The circular arc design has a unique French style and simple Allwhite collocation, but it shows the little sexy in the bones at a glance.

The small design of the circular strap is special, exquisite and at the same time it injects a sense of wit. Whether it is out of the street or a gathering of girlfriends, it is all slay.

The bamboo knitting bag with flip-over is suitable for a picnic with small partners. The fresh pastoral style is a landscape at random, and it is easy to take good pictures.

Minisizes straw bags + jeans, beautiful and versatile, sweet Chiffon fragments, the first love girl is visual.

The square bag is very delicate. It has the feeling of a small suitcase. It feels like it can take him on a walk-and-talk tour at any time.

The rattan package has a high degree of recognition. It is a retro artistic aesthetic feeling. It can also be tied with a silk scarf. The French little womans style is vividly depicted.

The arc design of wooden handle breaks the original limitation of bamboo weaving package, making it more stylish and fashionable.

Rattan-woven bags are more compact and stylish than straw-woven bags, giving a nice feeling of quality, fashion icon is necessary.

The oblique-span PVC bags are more everyday, but the transparent texture is still impressive.

Make an impression

With elegant dress, beautiful and immortal.

Such transparent bags can also be matched with put bags in bags, just like clothes overlapping, not only fashionable up, but also to avoid the embarrassment of seeing everything in bags.

The inner lining of the receptacle breaks the original design of the PVC package and is more innovative. Its easy for commuters to go out of the street.

Transparent handbags are also eye-catching. If you put some daily necessities at will, you can easily get a sense of fashion.

The combination of canvas bags and PVC has unique advantages. When children are full of fun and their favorite canvas bags are lined, it is an exclusive bag that will never bump into money when going out.

Transparent bags are also very advanced for concave shapes. Small cute people put a handsome magazine or a beautiful wallet in the transparent bags, which is absolutely fashionable.

The green PVC package is innovative, fresh, low-key and elevates the air field, extending the integrity of the whole look.

Like smaller bags, Nimeng also widely picks Vintage buckle style transparent PVC bags, not only do not need to worry about missing things, but also easy to go out, who do not love it?

Tina always feels a bit retro when she looks at the beaded bags. I dont know if Nimeng feels like the handbags of mothers when she was young. Fashion is indeed a cycle.

French fragrant long skirt + pearl string bag, let you bring your own noble and elegant temperament.

Imitated pearls, opaque bead bags with soft light, look elegant, a lot of, gently tucked on the wrist, the court full of wind.

Since ancient times, red and blue out of CP, on the basis of simplicity and purity, but also a number of styling patterns, elegant tone unchanged, but also a little more girl feeling, suitable for girls to go out together.

Hard texture and elegant long skirt formed a clear contrast, but no violation of the feeling, deduced another style.

Brown transparent bag, full of penetration, instantly let your enthusiasm completely disappear, the whole person becomes refreshing, there is a different from ordinary peoples chic.

Wooden bead bags have a lot of killing power. Dark wood hollow bags have a lot of personality, a sense of retro, and a sense of advanced. They are similar to net bags. With it, simple dressing will not be boring.

Bucket shape + beads, fashionable max, V-neck retro skirt is to add a sense of literature and art, a strong retro style is undoubtedly revealed.

Well, after seeing so much, do the little cute have their favorite bag style? Tina loves it all anyway.