Three jackets + two jackets, who wears who looks good!

 Three jackets + two jackets, who wears who looks good!

_The plot revolves around the IU

Druna Hotel for the Dead

I cant help it. Full Moon is such a bad hostess that she really has an appetite for me!

_Bad temper, changeable mind, suspicious

Full Moon Full of Desire and Luxury

And the inside shape is also very interesting, in order to fit the luxury of the full moon, she changed 60 sets of shapes in seven episodes!

_And each set is grandiose, retro and gorgeous

It deserves to be called the most noble lady in history.

Let me show you my three favorite sets at present.

This small white suit with lace inside and a large wide brim cap at the full moon is retro and elegant, like a famous British lady preparing to attend a tea party.~

Before the show was aired, IU, a gun-carrying killer, was already in hot search! My favorite part of the body is, of course, the gilded carved rifle.~

This is the full moon president and Canxingchukiss when wearing a super gentle lotus root Pink Chiffon skirt, which is still the tyrannical president, is completely a girl in love.~

Of course, for the full moon, we can only appreciate it purely, after all, the presidents clothes are not really hold up by ordinary people.

Have the courage to challenge!

But in fact, clothes dont have to be gorgeous to be amazing, even if they are only some very basic items, they can also be matched with infinite fashion. Private clothes like IU are very simple.

In fact, I wanted to give you a deep picking of IU wear, the results of a flip of her ins, found that there has almost become the trumpet of the full moon, so... (IU owes first!)

_ins is full moon president related

Today Id like to introduce you to a Korean girl, Park Gyuri, who is also well-dressed.~

Her collocation is that at first glance you will find fashion very difficult, but when you look closely, you will find that they are all common items.

_Thats some T-shirts, suspenders, half-skirts and shorts.

Come on! Lets see how Gyuri can make a difference between three top and two bottom items that everyone has.~

With a baseball cap, the streets are full! Choose a hat that runs against a half-skirt, and you will have a very hot childlike feeling this year.

Hair ribbon is one of the most popular items in Gyuri style. With it, casual T-shirt + Half skirt / shorts can also wear a sense of retro.~

_Homochrome hair band + bag + T-shirt

In addition to the hairband, the scarf is also a powerful tool for her to create a sense of retro. Simply put a Hepburn knot between the neck, the highlights of the whole set of matches come out.~

Gyuris style is quite changeable. In addition to street and retro, she sometimes goes on holiday.

Besides T-shirts, Gyuri also likes to wear shirts. Its almost autumn. Its not too cold or hot. Its a perfect match for shirts, half skirts and shorts.~

Did the girls find out? This skirt has also appeared on it. After changing T-shirts into shirts, the style of painting has changed from street to antique.

_So we need to reassemble the basic items.

You can create different feelings.

Shes also a 10-level fan of black silk stockings! I refused to tell you the truth when I first saw this kind of black silk stockings. I didnt realize that now they are really fragrant. They are a little sexy and not overheated.~

_Accidental match of black silk stockings and uniforms

The irregular half skirt of Gyuri is so eye-catching! Just a little design immediately lights up the whole look.

_Maybe a skillful girl can DIY herself.

But black silk with small white shoes is really strange, I should not be really fragrant.

Gyuri also likes to mix and match. The advantage is to avoid wearing shirts too formal.

_Mixed with rough Roman shoes

But this knee-to-knee style is too leggy.

Girls can start from a lower level.

Although the following set looks complicated, its a lot of everyday life to change the gauze apron into the ordinary half-skirt. Working girls can try it in the early autumn.~

_After wrapping the skirt around the outside

Put up the waistline and cover the crotch

Gyuri will also use shirts as outfits. Sports suits and shirts reduce casualness and immediately change from gym style to street leisure style~

When I talked to you about the sling before, I found that many girls said they didnt dare to wear the sling alone. That must be Amway. You Gyuris sling is on!

With a shirt, you dont have to worry about the lack of thin arms. The sling that accidentally reveals adds a little sexy.~

_Simple but really good match

_Hanging strap with long sleeve shirt

Its all right to wear it in early autumn.~

In addition, Gyuri likes to put it in the sling. But the style of her suspender is a bit psychedelic. I can only say that she is a fashionable person.

What a ghost is this colorful glazed half skirt?

So lets just enjoy some shapes. Dont blindly learn.