Trumps time has come! Who can stand in his way? Its not Ding Junhui anyway.

 Trumps time has come! Who can stand in his way? Its not Ding Junhui anyway.

Trump, 22, won the Chinese and English Championships in 2011 and reached the final of the World Championship, widely regarded as the successor of the next generation of world champions. However, in the following years, Trump did not play as well as expected. Although the attack was very sharp, it was not comprehensive enough. On the court, he appeared to be a bit edgy, not mature enough, and his investment in training seemed insufficient. Although Trump was among the first-class, he still failed to achieve results matching his talent.

However, since the middle of last season, Trump has completely transformed and even made his opponents cowardly. Trump beat OSullivan in the Finals of Northern Ireland and Masters. Who can do that in todays world? Trump was the only one who won the World Grand Prix. In Cruzburg, Trump won the final against Higgins, who gave himself a lesson eight years ago. He won the Grand Slam with 18-9 wins. He became the first player to win millions of prizes in a single season and ranked second in the world.

Trump played HIGH in Portugal and Las Vegas, skipping the Masters in the first leg of the new season and even attending the electronic music festival in Belgium in late July. Trump, however, did not abandon his training. In fact, I have been training for the past month, but not on the social media, so people think I am not practicing seriously. Sure enough, with Trumps performance in the national championship, who dares say that he has not trained well? He did not slacken off after the World Championship, but was more brave in Vietnam, hoping to win more honors.

In Daqing, Trump is totally unstoppable. No one can really threaten him. After winning Perry in the third round 6-2, he replaced OSullivan, who was absent from the national championship, to become the new world number one, but this inspired him to win the final championship. 6-3 elimination of Ford, 9-4 setback Selby, until the final 10-3 victory over Murphy, Trump won every game very easily, almost effortless to win all the way, in the game how to attack and how to defend is not leaky, let the opponent have no choice, this Championship win is idle.

In fact, after the World Championship finals, Higgins once commented that Trump was very comprehensive, and now it is very difficult to beat him. OSullivan is playing very little now. I believe that in the next few years, Trump will be the world. Selby, who was defeated by Trump in the semi-final of the national championship, praised Trump for scoring goals that were unlikely even to be scored by OSullivan. Before the final, Murphy had said that Trump was now the world champion and the worlds number one, at the highest level in all aspects. The three former world champions, who were recently defeated by Trump, all thought Trump was invincible, and Trump proved it well on the pitch.

With mature technology and slow self-confidence, Trump is in his best 30 years of age. Trump is really hard to beat. In the competition, he has almost no disadvantage. God blocked the God Buddha and killed the Buddha. Selby wants to regain the top ranking in the world? Im afraid its hopeless in a short time. After winning the second national championship, Trumps qualifying championship has reached 12, only one from Ding Junhui. By comparing the current situation of the two, Ding Junhuis being overtaken is an irreversible trend. One 89 years and 87 years, two years apart, but todays performance is very different, Ding Junhui no longer efforts, but will be far away from Trump.