Directors of the Hong Kong Airport Authority: It is in line with industry practice to deal with riot leaders and employees

 Directors of the Hong Kong Airport Authority: It is in line with industry practice to deal with riot leaders and employees

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Hong Kong Airport Authority Director Sam Chi-wen: Cathay Pacific Airlines Ground-Off Motivation Chairman dismisses employees with improper conduct in line with industry practice (source:)

In an interview with CCTV reporters, Sheng Zhiwen, director of the Hong Kong Airport Authority, pointed out that Cathay Pacific Airlines employees in Hong Kong maliciously leaked flight passenger information against professional ethics. Pilots are grounded or fired for their involvement in violent incidents - a practice in the aviation industry.

Hong Kong Airport Authority Director Sheng Zhiwen: Cathay Pacific Airlines fired two employees who leaked personal information of passengers tonight (10). I think Cathay Pacifics situation is very serious at present, because whenever airline pilots are arrested for involvement in violent riots or other violent incidents, as far as I know, if they are eventually convicted, airlines in every country will stop or even dismiss such pilots.

Sheng Zhiwen said that the airlinesmanagement of pilots is very strict all over the world, Because pilots are crucial to passenger safety.

Sam Chi-wen, Director of the Hong Kong Airport Authority: Safety is critical for every airline. It is very serious that pilots (Cathay Pacific) should not be involved in emotional (violent) incidents.

Sheng Zhiwen also said that it was timely and correct for CAAC to warn Hong Kong Cathay Pacific about major aviation safety risks and hidden dangers exposed in recent incidents.

Cathay Pacific: Grounding Storm Motivator dismisses two employees for misconduct

On the evening of August 10, Cathay Pacific announced that it had received inquiries from passengers and the public about one of its commanders charged with riot crimes. According to Cathay Pacifics standard procedure for determining the pilots flying position, the pilot has not been assigned a flying position since July 30, 2019.