After the instructions of the central leadership, the county government has made progress in coping with all kinds of problems.

 After the instructions of the central leadership, the county government has made progress in coping with all kinds of problems.

According to Hainan Daily, on August 10, according to the instructions of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of Hainan, the Provincial Department of ecological environment set up an investigation team to carry out the investigation on behalf of the provincial government in Chengmai County, Hainan, in response to the problems raised in Typical Case (1) reclamation and destruction of mangroves in Chengmai County, Hainan Province.

At the meeting held on the afternoon of August 10, the investigation team made clear three requirements: first, the Chengmai County Party Committee and the county government should improve their political positions, consolidate the political responsibility of the city and county Party committees and the government for the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of the ecological environment, face up to the inspection problems, and conduct pressure and compaction responsibilities layer by layer. Second, Chengmai County Party Committee, county government and relevant functional units should consciously accept, actively cooperate and fully support the investigation work, report the work from facts and facts, and never allow fraud. Thirdly, Chengmai County Party Committee and the county government should make every effort to report the situation, provide information, coordinate and guarantee the work, and strictly implement the various disciplinary requirements to ensure that the investigation work is standardized and orderly.

The head of the Chengmai County Party Committee and the county government said that they would further improve their political standing, take on a high degree of political consciousness and strong mission, do a good job of investigation and cooperation, and provide information in an all-round and truthful way to reflect the problems and shortcomings of their work. We should resolutely rectify the problems, treat both the symptoms and the symptoms, check the tables and give one example to the other, and tighten the responsibility of compaction.

In April this year, the media reported that there is a mangrove in Ruliang Village, Yanding Village Committee, Dafeng Town, Chengmai City, Hainan Province, which was buried alive by the earthwork of the surrounding real estate projects, causing death. One thing, cause concern.

At that time, the relevant person in charge of Chengmai County Forestry Bureau said that more than 9 mu of mangroves died around the project had been confirmed, and the project side had been ordered to double the planting, and the relevant programs had been put out; government staff went to investigate and determine the original site of boundary piles in the protected area to confirm the situation of mangroves destroyed; developers were required to set up on both sides of the construction road. The next step is to invite relevant experts to come to investigate and assess the number of mangroves destroyed, which will be severely punished, such as referring to crimes to the public security organs.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Hainan Fuli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. encroaches on the marine protected area in the process of developing the Mangrove Bay Real Estate Project. Since 2016, the project has encroached on 92 mu of the core area of Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve in Chengmai County and has not restored to its original state. According to the inspection records of relevant departments in Chengmai County, mangroves were destroyed five times during the construction of Mangrove Bay Project, totaling about 4700 mangroves. In April 2019, the Mangrove Bay Project continued to reclaim buildings in the reserve, which hindered tidal interaction and resulted in the death of 1582 mangroves in the 9.69 mu reserve.

In addition, the reclamation project of Binle Harbour Holiday Area of Hainan Ningxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Yingbin Inland Sea. After the first round of supervision, the project began reclaiming land from the sea and recklessly landfilling 4664 mangroves, covering an area of 8.8 mu. In October 2017, it was investigated by the County Forestry Public Security Bureau for mass reports. However, by February 2019, the project had completed reclamation with a reclamation area of 5.33 hectares, which seriously affected the surrounding residual mangrove growth environment. After field verification, 1960 mangroves had died.

After the incident, the central leadership gave instructions and the Ministry of Ecological Environment also intervened in the investigation.

However, from the end of April to the beginning of May 2019, according to the instructions of the leading comrades of the Central Committee, the on-site investigation media of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reflected that during the period of the destruction of Mangroves by Fuli Company, the main leaders of the Chengmai County Government and the forestry departments were still coping with it in every possible way, and even provided false conclusions such as Mangrove death is due to pests and diseases.

In May 2019, Hainan Forest Public Security Bureau appointed Chengmai County Public Security Bureau to re-investigate.

On May 17, 2019, Wang Xiongjin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Committee of Hainan Forest Public Security Bureau, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. He is currently undergoing disciplinary review and investigation by the Disciplinary Commission of Hainan Province.

In July 2019, the Third Central Supervision Group on Eco-environmental Protection was stationed in Hainan and received constant reports from the masses, reflecting the problem of land reclamation and mangrove destruction in the coastal areas of Chengmai County, Hainan Province.

According to the mass report and the clues to the problems grasped in the early stage, the inspection team carried out the sinking supervision in Chengmai County. The inspectors found that the Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve and Yingbin Inland Sea in Chengmai County had not been rectified in accordance with the first round of inspections, and that the nature of reclamation and destruction of mangroves was very bad.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, as early as August 2017, the first round of central environmental protection supervision pointed out that Hainan Province violated the rules of reclamation and land-making, destruction of mangroves and other issues. Hainans rectification plan is clear: strict supervision of ecological function areas, comprehensive restoration and restoration of coastal shelterbelt and mangrove ecosystems.

However, after the first round of inspections, the regional ecosystems such as Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve and Yingbin Inland Sea in Chengmai County have not been restored. On the contrary, the mangroves have been further damaged due to the development of tourism real estate and continuous reclamation.

In addition, in view of the encroachment of Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve by Mangrove Bay Project, Chengmai County not only failed to stop and supervise the rectification in time, but also adjusted the protected land to construction land and other land when the master plan was revised so as to legalize the Mangrove Bay Project.

Since 2017, Chengmai County has applied to the Forestry Department of Hainan Province and the Ecological Environment Department of Hainan Province to adjust the scope and functional areas of Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve in Chengmai County, but they have not been approved. However, Chengmai County implemented it without authorization in December 2018, which has actually irregularly adjusted the scope of the protected area and the nature of the land, paving the way for the development of tourism real estate.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Chengmai County Party Committee and the county government have low political standing and weak sense of responsibility. For a long time, they have ignored the construction of ecological civilization, handled the first round of central supervision and handing over problems perfunctorily, dealt with problems in a perfunctory way, and were reluctant to do or afraid to do so. They have no real supervision of nature reserves and coastal zones. The rectification work is really hard to change, the supervision and management is formalized, and the supervision and rectification work goes through the stage.

The departments of marine, forestry and environmental protection in Chengmai County, knowing that the relevant projects are seriously illegal, still take the place of punishment and punish them with one penalty. The simple fine for illegal enterprises is not painful and itchy, which not only fails to solve the problem, but also further promotes the enterprises lucky mentality, leading to illegal reclamation of sea land and destruction of mangrove forests. Frequent occurrence of the situation, serious ecological damage, strong public response.

The central government ordered the county government to lie about reclamation and destruction of mangroves

Not only do they not think about rectification, but they act against the wind and reclaim the sea wantonly to destroy the mangroves... This morning, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment publicly exposed Chengmai County, Hainan Province, calling it perfunctory to respond to the central requirements, in the face of the evils of developers, inaction, dare not do.