Sales of 2098-2728,800 2020 Harvard H9 models officially listed

 Sales of 2098-2728,800 2020 Harvard H9 models officially listed

Triple car purchase gift: financial discount gift (24 issue 0 interest rate), replacement subsidy gift (up to 9000 yuan per station), Zhilian flow gift (first car owner basic services and traffic free for life, entertainment service free for three years, enjoy service free for one year [excluding elite type].

Old car owner exclusive welfare policy: From August 11 to September 30, 2019, the old car owner of Harvard H9 will be entitled to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidy when he comes to the shop to replace the model of Harvard H92020.

[New Vehicle Knowledge Points

1. The new car is equipped with a new grille, the new grille chrome-plated decorative strip is more robust, the interior is a double-panel model, while changing the new front bumper, compared with the old model looks more exquisite;

2. Equipped with a new generation of intelligent network connection system, its AI interconnection system has a vehicle-borne 4G network, which can realize multiple functions such as dual-mode cloud navigation, intelligent scene voice interaction, mobile phone interconnection, remote control, etc.

4. On the power side, the new model is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine which has been readjusted to fully meet the Sixth National Emission Standard, with a maximum output power of 251 horsepower and a peak torque of 385 N.m.

5. The rear axle of the vehicle is replaced with a new electronically controlled differential lock, which cooperates with the new differential lock of the front axle and the central two-speed TOD differential with locking function. In addition, it is equipped with low-speed cross-country cruise and steering auxiliary braking function.

Editorial Comments:

As the flagship of the brand, Harvard H9 is also the big brother of the hard SUV model. This modification upgraded the appearance, interior and configuration on the basis of the original model, and also joined the three locks that cross-country enthusiasts dream of. The overall strength is strong. I believe that the market share and sales will continue to be high in the future in the subdivision market. The song has made great strides in the top of the famous categories.