Indian houses with palaces without foundations but 953 windows are windproof

 Indian houses with palaces without foundations but 953 windows are windproof

As one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, Indiansmathematical, astronomical and geometrical attainments have played an incisive role in the construction of large buildings. Today India still retains many ancient palaces and castles. Their original design is often simple, but the architectural principles and ingenious structure contained in them are all amazing!

The secret of Indian emperors making 953 windows for their concubines to become palaces

The students who often brush ins and travel notes must be familiar with this pink castle. The castle is located in Jaipur, Indias Pink City. In 1876, in order to welcome the then Prince of Wales, the Indian monarch ordered the whole city to paint the side of the street pink. Today, it is still one of the most beautiful cities in India.

The pink Castle pictured above is called the Palace of the Wind. It has five floors, each of which is covered with small windows, adding up to 953 honeycomb windows.

It would be naive of you to think that opening so many windows is just to see the scenery.

The palace has no foundation, looks like a wall from the side, but stands for a hundred years. The secret lies in more than 900 windows. When the strong wind comes, open all the windows on both sides, the wind can form convection, and pass through the whole building, naturally it will not cause damage to the main body.

In India, there are not a few palaces with such elaborate designs. The wisdom of the ancients is revealed in their structure and decoration. Next, lets visit the Wind Palace and other magical ancient Indian buildings.

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