The water level of Zhejiang Linhai flood has entered the flat tide period and is gradually declining.

 The water level of Zhejiang Linhai flood has entered the flat tide period and is gradually declining.


Briefing on Flood Resistance and Disaster Relief in Linhai Ancient City

Influenced by the heavy rainfall of Typhoon No. 9 Liqima, watershed floods occurred in Lingjiang River Basin, and the Shifeng Xisha Section Station and Ximen Station in Lingjiang exceeded the highest flood level in history. At 3 p.m. on August 10, due to the turbulent flow of Lingjiang River, the flood washed into the wall of Taizhou Prefecture, resulting in about 1.5 meters of water in the old city.

After the dangerous situation occurred, the provincial, Taizhou and Linhai Municipal Party Committee governments attached great importance to it and immediately took the following measures: first, timely issuance of announcements to remind residents to leave low-lying areas and organize Party members and cadres to help the difficult masses to transfer; second, timely organization of troops and local militias and other rescue forces totalling more than 600 people, carrying sufficient stormboats. Rubber boats and woven bags have been transferred to the ancient city in an orderly manner.

Natural calamities are heartless and heartless, and cadres and masses are united in fighting catastrophe. I believe that with the joint efforts of the whole society, we will be able to win the victory of flood fighting and disaster relief.

At present, the flood has entered a flat tide period, and the water level is gradually declining. If the general public encounters difficulties, they can call 110 rescue calls, or the following telephone calls: 85389937, 17706599975.

August 10, 2019



At present, there is public opinion that the casualties caused by typhoon electric shock will lead to the blackout of the whole city. Linhai Power Supply Company denies it. However, in view of the impact of urban waterlogging on the power grid, after consulting the municipal government and the superior power grid, Linhai Power Supply Company will arrange active blackout according to the actual situation for the power lines with major hidden dangers of waterlogging. Safety of peoples lives and property! Thank you for your attention and understanding. Dont listen to rumors. (source of offshore power supply)

Respectful Users: Our companys backbone computer room is intact, and has double room guarantee, communication guarantee continues, please do not believe the false news, causing panic. Some areas have no or poor signals, mainly because of the typhoon caused a large area of power blackouts in the city, the standby batteries of base stations are gradually exhausted, mobile emergency repairmen have started to generate electricity at 5 oclock this morning, the power sector is also working hard to repair, power supply recovery signals can be restored. Please dont believe rumors. Thank you for your understanding and attention!

As of todays 20:00, the surface rainfall in Taizhou is 302.0 mm, of which 17 stations are over 500 mm, 831.7 mm is the largest single station and 96.1 mm is the largest hourly rainfall. It is known that the average annual precipitation of Linhai in 30 years is 1686.7 mm.

Reporters learned from Taizhou Meteorological Bureau that the rising water level in Linhai is related to the heavy rainfall caused by Typhoon on the one hand. As of 21:40, the rainfall in Linhai is 315.5 mm, and the extreme value of single station is also very large, including 831.7 mm in Cangshan. On the other hand, it is related to the citys water conservancy dispatch.


Affected by Typhoon No. 9, there is a serious waterlogging in the coastal area. If there are rescue forces who can carry a stormboat to the rescue, we can add the following Weixin friends and contact 0576-88200250. We will arrange centralized locations and deliver rescue missions. To ensure efficiency, add friends, please note the real name phone!

Field rescue was contacted by command center Xie Da: 13586128665

No need to forward this message: Urgent help! The Philanthropy Nursing Home (with more than 50 elderly people) located next to Ziyang Street, Linhai, will soon be flooded, but its house is all on the first floor. Calling 110 and 119 is busy waiting, and the situation is extremely critical!! ____________ Please help forward it!

As for the rescue situation of Ziyang Street Elderly Hospital in Linhai, when the police in Linhai received the alarm, they instructed the ancient city police station to send personnel to rescue.


Just now, the reporter learned from the Linhai Public Security Bureau that due to the high water level, poor light, inadequate equipment and tools, the rescue progress is relatively slow.


As of 17:00 on the 10th, 196 units of 4495 troops, 117 stormboats, 108 rubber boats, 157 vehicles, 23 excavators and 1 forklift were dispatched from Taizhou Military Division. A total of 210 troops were coordinated from the whole city, carrying 22 stormboats and 10 rubber boats. Two batches of 40 military personnel were dispatched to rescue Yongfeng Town, Kuocang Town and Xianju County, Linhai City. A total of 2064 people were transferred and 33 dangerous embankments and dams were excluded.


The propaganda and education of Linhai Public Security Bureau: the old city of Linhai has fallen into enemy, the rescue voice is constant, and the command center has been sunk by the alarm telephone, leaving us struggling in the propaganda position. Really, please trust us, we will try our best to rescue! With 10,000 efforts in exchange for the peace of the masses! The current situation is that the rescue workers have gone, because the water flow is fast, the water level is high, the tools and equipment are not enough, and the rescue progress is relatively slow. We are more anxious than anybody except to answer and transmit the alarm, which is to soothe the alarms nervousness.


Reporters learned from the ancient city squadron: the area under the jurisdiction of the road is basically paralysed throughout, and now the highest section of Linhai Jingjiang Road has begun to enter the water. The hill behind the sea was full of cars.


Reporters learned from the Datian Squadron: the water in the Squadrons area of Oriental Avenue is not receding, other roads are basically open, forklift brother forklift truck failure at 16:00, 18:00, and again borrowed a companions forklift to go on the road.

In Hengxi Village, Datian Street, Linhai City, there is a forklift brother named Du Liqing. Whenever typhoon weather occurs, there will be a figure of him driving a forklift across the deep water to rescue trapped people. Whether it is Fitt in 2013 or Sudiro in 2015, Du Liqing drives his bumblebee together with traffic police. Rescue was done. This year, he participated in typhoon rescue work for the fifth year. One morning, he saved 39 trapped people.


Linhai urban area is particularly serious. All eight garbage transfer stations in the urban area are flooded. Wangjiangmen transit station is too deep to be repaired and suspended because of the unknown situation. 80% of the fruit-shell boxes in the urban area have been flooded and more than 50% of the garbage bins have been displaced or damaged. At present, the road entering the garbage incinerator is damaged. People are being organized to rush repairs; the five-hole dung disposal site was flooded, some facilities were damaged, and the accumulated water could not be repaired; the public toilet of Shuiyun North Road was flooded, and the accumulated water could not be repaired. (Source: Published by Taizhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau)

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, responsible editor of Taizhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau