Traffic paralysis caused by obstacles erected by illegal demonstrators in Hong Kong

 Traffic paralysis caused by obstacles erected by illegal demonstrators in Hong Kong

China news agency, Hong Kong, August 11 - 10, when the police issued a notice of objection, another demonstrator marched in Tai Po and then transferred to various districts of Hong Kong for violent activities. Hong Kong police dispersed the demonstrators and arrested 16 people, strongly condemned the violence of the demonstrators, disregarded the personal safety of other citizens, and stressed that the police would strictly enforce the law on all violence and illegal acts.

On the same day, demonstrators gathered in Kowloon, the New Territories and other places, set up obstacles with railway horses and road signs, paralyzed traffic, Hong Hom Harbour Tunnel Kowloon entrance and exit, and many other trunk roads were blocked, many bus routes were affected by the rally diverted. Reporters at the scene in Tai Po and Tai Wai saw that many private cars and buses were blocked by roadblocks and had to turn around and change their ways.

Hong Kong police said Wednesday they condemned the violence by the demonstrators. A total of 16 persons were arrested by the police on suspicion of illegal assembly, possession of offensive weapons, attacks on police officers and obstruction of their duties. The police reiterated that it was illegal for any person to participate in unauthorized assembly and stressed that strict enforcement of all violence and illegal acts would be carried out.

In addition, police said that during the rally, demonstrators irradiated police officers with powerful lasers, and some violent demonstrators threw debris at police officers and Tsimshatsui police station, even set fire outside Tsimshatsui police station and other places, ignoring the safety of others, seriously affecting police service.

Police said they had appealed to the demonstrators to leave as soon as possible through live broadcasting, social media and news bulletins. After repeated warnings were invalid, the police launched dispersal operations in Tsim Sha Tsui and Tai Wai, using appropriate force and using tear gas to stop violence.

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850