Korea Yu: I believe Gou Taiming and Wang Jinping will stay in the KMT.

 Korea Yu: I believe Gou Taiming and Wang Jinping will stay in the KMT.

Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo

In an interview with the media, Koreayo, the KMT candidate and mayor of Kaohsiung in the 2020 general election in Taiwan, went to Nantou County today for a campaign trip. He responded to the rumors about the meeting between Ke Wenzhe, Guo Taiming and Wang Jinping.

According to Hong Kongs China Review Agency, Ko Wenzhe, chairman of the Taiwan Peoples Party and mayor of Taipei, said that he would meet with Guo Taiming and Wang Jinping in the future. Korean Yu said that he wished them well. During this period, I would not fail others. As long as the three of them told the Taiwanese people their ideals, they would be recognized by the Taiwanese people. The same is the most important.

Korean Yu also stressed that both Guo Taiming and Wang Jinping are important members of the Kuomintang and are very important benchmarks. I believe that both Guo Taiming and Wang Jinping will insist on staying in the Kuomintang, which I am confident of.

With regard to the rumor of changing generals before battle, Yo said that for decades, the primaries in the Kuomintangs general election were fairly, fairly and openly held. The whole procedure and mechanism were very complete. Not only were Kuomintang members, but also the Taiwanese people and overseas Chinese, and so on. Everyone was paying close attention to them.

Yo stressed that basically everyone agrees with the candidates produced by this primaries mechanism.

According to Taiwans Joint News Network, when referring to Hong Xiuzhu, former chairman of the Kuomintang, campaigning for Tainans legislature election, Korean Yu said that Hong left the stratosphere and comfortable nest, and invited Miao to run for Tainans legislature, which was a touching spirit for the Kuomintang and Taiwan, and hoped to bring the whole together more. Morale in Blue Camp.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, Responsible Editor of Taiwan Net, China