The man paid for this kind of thing and fell into the net after he didnt receive the alarm.

 The man paid for this kind of thing and fell into the net after he didnt receive the alarm.

Drug addiction alarm men fall into the net. Map of High-tech Police in Zigong

I want to call the police! It cost 200 yuan to buy drugs, and the drug traffickers didnt deliver them to me. Reporters learned from the high-tech police in Zigong, Sichuan on November 11 that during the Yingqing 4 operation, the police captured a drug addict who caught himself alarming the police and fell into the net.

According to the high-tech police, recently, the police received a warning that after they spent 200 yuan to buy drugs, drug traffickers did not send drugs... After receiving the police, the police in the police station suspected that the police had serious suspicions of drug abuse, so they launched an investigation on the police.

After investigation, the man named Zeng Moumou, 30 years old, has a previous record of drug abuse. In December 2018, he was sentenced to administrative punishment by the High-tech Public Security Bureau for drug abuse. The police immediately went to Zengmous house to look for it. When they arrived at Zengmous house, the police found a fire in the kitchen of Zengmous house and immediately started the fire fighting work. Eventually, the police and the masses put out the fire together, fortunately, no casualties.

It is reported that the police brought Zeng Mou back to the police station for investigation according to law, and the drug test results were positive. He also confessed that he threatened his family members to take money by setting fire to his kitchen after he failed to ask them for money to buy drugs.

At present, Zeng Mou has been detained by the high-tech police in Zigong according to law, and the case is still under further investigation.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, Responsible Editor of CNN