How did Huawei P30 Pro come into being? Take a look at the production line

 How did Huawei P30 Pro come into being? Take a look at the production line

Huawei has several parallel production lines inside the factory, each of which is about 120 meters long. Before, 86 workers were needed for each production line, but now only 17 workers are needed for each production line due to the addition of robots. From raw materials to shipments, including distribution, assembly, testing and packaging, most processes are automated, Huawei said.

It is reported that every mobile phone motherboard has to undergo very strict quality testing, motherboard welding is automated. Huawei said, We have zero tolerance for defects and always put quality first. This means that quality has the highest priority. By doing so, Huawei provides better user services and becomes a popular technology brand for consumers.

Once the motherboard passes the quality test, it will be transferred to the next workstation through the conveyor belt and assembled with other hardware parts, such as screen, battery, camera, etc. automatically by the machine. Then the worker will wrap the mobile phone in a white protective case to ensure that the device is handed over to the user without finger. Grain.

Before formal writing system for mobile phone, workers will also test the drop of mobile phone. After testing, some software will be written to the machine first - this step or automated completion - then audio quality, media playback and other tests will be carried out. After confirming the correctness, EMUI will be written to the machine to ensure that everything is normal. Then remove the protective shell for final inspection, after no problems packaging, factory, enter the market. Huawei says it can produce 2,400 mobile phones per production line per day.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279