Heavy rain! Shandong Province dropped 9,500 Daming Lake in a day

 Heavy rain! Shandong Province dropped 9,500 Daming Lake in a day

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Heavy rainfall in 11 cities and 9 500 Daming Lake in Shandong Province in one day (Source:)

Affected by Typhoon Lichma, 11 cities in Zibo, Weifang and Qingdao of Shandong Province witnessed torrential rain to heavy rain on August 10, with some exceptionally heavy rains. According to Shandong Meteorological Observatory statistics, precipitation generally occurred in the whole province from 06:00 on 10th to 06:00 on 11th, accounting for about 11.4 billion cubic meters of water, equivalent to a drop of 9,500 Daming Lake.

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