I am the King of Boxing in Shanghai, the closing God of death is convenient to sing on the scene of explosion.

 I am the King of Boxing in Shanghai, the closing God of death is convenient to sing on the scene of explosion.

In 2019, I am the boxing champion in Shanghai, sponsored by Beijing Boxson Media Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonglifeite Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianyuan Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd., International Competition and Fighting Federation, National Sports Professional Committee of Central Ethnic Society, Beijing Wushu Sports Association. Co-sponsored by the International Exchange Committee, Beijing Yahai Hengye Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Holgos Magic Creation Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.

On August 9, the finalists from the third level of the seafarers boarded the stage to compete in the elimination contest. On the evening of August 10, the runners-up won the qualification to participate in the Kung Fu Spring Festival Gala and the year-end finals. Zhou Le, chairman of Shanghai Tianyuan Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. and founder of Hard Man World Fighting Club, said that the competition brought together new fighting talents and grassroots kungfu masters from the Yangtze River Delta and its surrounding areas, Zong Wenfeng, a 45-year-old individual businessman and businessman, Chen Hongqiang, a salesman, hexagonal hexagonal puncher, Xu Jiangwei and a restaurant. Server Zeng Min impressed us deeply. Cheng Jinyuan, Meng Qinghao, Wang Jiale and Zhang Chengcheng are all very strong young players. They are expected to win three or five championships in the final of the year in Shanghai.

International Friends Perform Martial Arts

That evenings finals began with the competition of the childrens group of Aso class. Although they were the youngest players in the competition age group, there were many young Yalong who had won six Championships before. Zhang Qiao, 11, had won 11 championships, but the result of the competition of Aso class was still the same. As unpredictable as ever, Meng Junxi, Du Xiangyu, Hu Qiujin, Xu Long and Li Haoyang finally won their respective championships. In the adult group competition, Li Denghui, Cheng Jinyuan and Meng Qinghao cut through the mess quickly and won the laurel of their rank.

The day coincides with the second World Wushu Day. Wushu, as a cultural symbol of China, is loved by people all over the world. During the Kungfu Talent Show, international friends from France and the United States take part in Wushu performances. Their actions are flowing and powerful, winning applause and applause.

A Brilliant Moment of the Competition

Death, the representative of Chinas free combat, is convenient to visit the scene. Signature boxing sets before the competition will attract a large number of fans to participate enthusiastically. And in the live vigorous singing and dance show link, he sang two songs, Battlefield and Brothers Are Tired, which exploded the scene. Speaking of me as a boxing championship, it is convenient to say, Hope to see more events like I am a boxing champion, to provide a stage for the vast number of grass-roots fighters, there may be very good people, but he has no platform to show himself. Next year, if the time is right, I will make an expert review.

I am the champion of boxing today, and the competition in Chongqing has begun today. The competition in Shenyang is scheduled to start on September 21. This year, I am the champion of boxing. I plan to carry out 16 competitions in different districts. I will continue to fight and build a national martial arts carnival.

Convenient and affectionate singing

Attachment: The Shanghai Competition Area has obtained the qualifications list of the National Finals:

Saifa Fighting for Hegemony Class 60 kg

Li Denghui and He Jingpeng

Saifa Fighting Category 65 kg

Cheng Jinyuan and Yan Mengjie

Selfa Fighting Attacks the Hegemony Level of 70 kg

Meng Qinghao and Si Xuefei

Selfa Fighting for the Hegemony 75 kg Class

Wang Jiale and Zhao Shuai

Fighting for Supreme Class 80 kg

Zhang Chengcheng

Fighting for Supreme Class 85 kg

Zhang Yanzhe

Fighting against the hegemonic class over 85 kg

Zhang Hao and Zhou Wei

Adult Womens Group Competition

Zeng Min and Chen Xiliang

Class B K128 of Saifado Aso children

Meng Junxi and Lu Binhao

Class A K142 of Saifado Aso children

Du Xiangyu and Yang Yalong

Kids of Saifudou Aso Class A, K142 or above

Hu Qiujin and Zhang Qiao

Juvenile Mens Group TB165

Liu Junqi, Yang Rui Sai Fa Dou Aso Junior Mens Group TB165 and above Feng Zixuan Sai Fa Dou Aso Youth Womens Group YF165 Xie Shi Yoga Fa Dou Aso Youth Mens Group YM165 Marshal Luo, Bian Jia Bo Sai Fa Dou Aso Youth Mens Group YM175 Xulong, Ye Xingguo Sai Fa Dou Aso Youth Men Group+YM175 Li Haoyang, YM175 Liu Bokungfu all-round skills Deng Xingwei (57KG), Liu Huan (57KG), Liu Zhenguo (61KG), Zhou Guang (+84KG) This article source: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806

Liu Junqi and Yang Rui

Juvenile Mens Group TB165 or above

Feng Zixuan

YF165 in the Youth Womens Team of Saifa Dou Aso Class

Xie Shiyu

YM165 in the Youth Mens Championship

Marshal Luo and Bian Jiabo

YM175 in the Youth Mens Group of Aso Class

Xu Long and Ye Xingguo

Youth Mens Competition of Aso Level + YM175 Level

Li Haoyang and Liu Bo

Kungfu omnipotence

Deng Xingwei (57KG), Liu Huan (57KG)

Liu Zhenguo (61KG), Zhou Guang (+84KG)