Drinking and driving wins a red envelope? The man was caught driving on the highway to win 200 yuan drunk

 Drinking and driving wins a red envelope? The man was caught driving on the highway to win 200 yuan drunk

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Drinking and driving can win 200 yuan in red envelope? Men caught driving for betting on winning friends (Source:)

On July 15, Shanxi Jinzhong Traffic Police seized a drunk driving offense, and the mans reason for the offence was to bet with others. It is reported that Yuanmou had a dinner with friends and drank a lot of wine. After drinking, some people proposed to bet that whoever dares to drive will win 200 yuan red envelope. In order to win the red envelope, Yuanmou drove to the high speed with luck. At present, Yuanmou has been detained according to law.

Source: Shanxi Traffic Police Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850