Linhai Lichma transit: flooded to the second floor part of the street is still flooded

 Linhai Lichma transit: flooded to the second floor part of the street is still flooded

On August 10, Typhoon Lichma landed in Linhai, Zhejiang Province. Influenced by heavy rainfall, floods broke out in the upper reaches of Linhai City, which plunged the thousand-year-old city into a vast ocean.

According to the monitoring and analysis of Zhejiang Hydrological Management Center, on August 10, the Shifengxi and Yonganxi rivers in the upper reaches of Linhai City suffered from severe typhoon rainfall for the first time. Supported by the upstream inflow and downstream high tide level, Linghai Lingjiang River suffered a flood once in 80 years. At 20 p.m., the peak water level was 10.98 meters, exceeding the guaranteed water level by 4.28 meters, ranking first since the actual data were available.

On August 11, the floods in most streets have basically receded. Residents along the streets have begun to clean up garbage, but there are still some streets with more water.

Heavy rain flooded the stairway entrance on the second floor

Today (August 11) in the early morning, Yang Li (pseudonym) who was besieged by Typhoon on the second floor of Wenqing Street in Linhai Ancient City Street finally waited for the rescue team.

Yang Li introduced that she and her aunts family lived in an old house in Wenqing Street. The first floor of the house was a shop and the second floor was a house. Since 9 th, it has been raining in Linhai due to typhoon. Yang Li is no stranger to typhoons. She meets them several times a year. In her impression, typhoon is more wind, more rain, water to the ankle at most.

According to her previous experience in dealing with typhoons, Yang Li prepared rechargeable treasures, food and mineral water in advance. Standing on the balcony on the second floor, you can see the water rising downstairs. In the morning of the 10th, the water potential has already passed the calf.

We thought it was all right when we returned a little in the afternoon. Yang Li said, unexpectedly, by 4 or 5 p.m., the water soon rose again, and even spread to the stairway on the second floor. The floods soon drowned the curtain doors of the opposite shop, and even the red signs.

When the water flooded the stairway on the second floor, Yang Li immediately dialed 110 and 119 for help, leaving specific location information and contact information on her micro-blog. Yang Li said that besides five people in her family, six people in her neighborhood were trapped on the second floor.

In the early morning of November 11, the rescue team arrived with a kayaking boat. Rescue workers stood at the window on the second floor and carried the trapped people to the kayak in turn. After that, 11 people from Yang Li and her neighbors were sent to a hotel. Yang Li said that the water potential of the hotel was low, and the steps at the entrance of the hotel blocked part of the water flow, so the water only reached the ankle position. As the hotel was full, Yang Li and others spent the night together in the lobby.

After the Lichma crossing, the water level of the Linhai Street has decreased. Respondents provide maps.

Flood waters have receded in some streets and residents along the streets are cleaning up.

At present, according to the official notification of the Taizhou Maritime Bureau, Lichma typhoon has been far away from the jurisdiction of Taizhou.

After the flood receded, the ancient streets of Linhai were in a mess. Residents and businessmen along the streets were cleaning up the rubbish. A live photograph sent by a visitor shows that the floor of a clothing store is covered with mud. The shopkeeper has packed most of his clothes and is cleaning the shop. Another residents door looks like a rubbish bin has been knocked over, and cartons, plastic bags and other rubbish are spread in front of the door.

However, there are still some streets with water. Photographs show that in Wenqing Street, Linhai City, the water is still twenty or thirty centimeters deep. Some residents walk on the street almost without knees. Two electric cars fall into the water in all directions and no one claims them.

At 13 oclock on August 11, Linhai City Flood Control and Drought Control Command issued a notice that the water situation in Linghai City has stabilized, the water level in Lingjiang River is gradually declining, and emergency rescue work is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner. As of 10 a.m. on November 11, 705 rescue forces from provinces, Taizhou and Linhai had 63 stormboats, 897 social rescue forces had 68 families and 229 stormboats, 264 rescue teams from 19 towns (streets) in Linhai had 4537 rescue teams, 4938 people were rescued and 1843 disaster situations were dealt with.

The Maritime Bureau announced that it had decided to lift the first-class typhoon warning issued at 14:00 on August 11. Relevant units and departments should do a good job in port evacuation and related safety assurance after the lifting of the typhoon warning, and sail strictly in accordance with the ships own wind resistance level.