Theres a reason why the person you want cant get it. Understand this and live more easily.

 Theres a reason why the person you want cant get it. Understand this and live more easily.

Although its a very common thing, there are still many people who cant understand it and cant let it go.

The blow of rejection makes some people feel depressed or unwilling, or have deep self-doubt and frustration, and even some people are mentally disturbed.

It sounds exaggerated, but there are many examples. There are people everywhere who become distracted for someone who cant get it.

So the real people, the brave people, the transparent people, will slowly think about it and then put it down, and then live again, meet the people who can love and be together.

These people, still can continue to be happy, but they chose to put down, only then had the opportunity to continue to be happy.

And those who like to cherish their thoughts always spend their time on the things they cant get. If it is a dream, a career, a job, with such persistent and persistent psychology and action, it can also be.

But for love, your perseverance is often useless. People who dislike you or dont love you, no matter how hard you try or how hard you persevere, it may be empty.

Although there are some examples of perseverance being moved and eventually got, it may not be really appropriate, it can really be happy.

Its very likely that the other side will step back and have no better choice to be with you, so its just a matter of putting your mind together.

Such feelings, natural happiness goes nowhere, even the beginning of unhappiness, is the beginning of further harm to you.

In the face of people who want to get but can not get, people are easy to lose themselves, because to cater to each other, to impress each other, so they do a lot of low-profile things.

These psychological effects can sometimes make the other person farther away from you and more disgusted with you.

It is those who refuse to express themselves, who step back politely and rationally, no longer disturb, no longer humble, no longer beg, but are paid attention to and respected, and even reversed.

In a word, if you want to get a person, you need some skills. If you dont know the skills, you should be sincere. If you cant be sincere, you should respect each others choices and yourself. Dont entangle with each other, and dont persist.

Think about it from another angle: there is a reason not to get this person. The real reason may be that you are not good enough, so you need to continue to work hard to make yourself better.

And those psychological reasons, or major reasons, just want to understand one thing: that is, the people you can not get, not because you are not good, you do not deserve, but because you deserve better.

Sometimes, we get angry because we cant get someone, or that person is proud of his pursuit, but high up and bad attitude toward you.

At such times, relying on hatred, do not indulge the other party, do not compromise and seek perfection, do not let oneself humble and ugly. Its true to love alone, but be sure to love those who value you and those who care about you.

For those who dont take you seriously, pay more, even if they barely get it, they really wont be happy.

Give up those who can not get, give up those who do not accept your true love, you will have the opportunity to meet people who are more suitable for you, better and more worthy of love.