Why does Tony, a barbers teacher, always dont understand people?

 Why does Tony, a barbers teacher, always dont understand people?

1. Who makes you want to spend money?

There are two ways to spend money: the barbers money and the cards money.

Hairdressers are also priced, low-level 15, high-level 50, top 150. The names of these people are different, 15 yuan is called master, 50 yuan is called Tony, 150 yuan is called Xiao X teacher. Is 150 really better than 15? Not really. Maybe its the same person and the same bad technology. But differentiation must be made so that you can just listen and feel 150s reliability.

But is 150 really not good at all? Neither. If its 150, its a little less. The sales frequency of 15 yuan is about 10 minutes, while that of 150 yuan is about half an hour. But because the price gap is too big, think about the hair on your head that is not much, many people still choose a 15 yuan haircutter.

Okay, since you have chosen the cheaper one, dont blame others for being tough-hearted. Shampoo!

Sir, your hair loss has been a bit serious lately!


Sir, we have recently come out with a product that is particularly useful. Would you like to try it on you?


Sir, your hair is too dark and ugly. Would you like to have it dyed?


Sir, weve got a new hair gel that works very well. Ill give it a try.


Sir, would you like a card? We have a discount on this card, charge 300 and send 30, and next time you come for a discount of 50 yuan, as long as 30.

... Are there any people in your shop who dont talk much?

Sir, you can get a card from us. The barber cant talk for 50 yuan.

If you dont talk all the way, refuse to sell any products, have a bad face all the way, and have a successful haircut, congratulations, you will get a perfect hairstyle I never thought I could ugly like this. Not because the technology is not good, but retaliation, forced to install what cold big boss here, no money to return haircut? 15 yuan on this technology, love can not come! Want to look good? Increase the money!

2. Who do you blame when you meet an apprentice?

In fact, some barber shops are not divided into different grades. When they enter the shop, they are totally 10 yuan. They cant afford to lose 10 yuan, and they cant afford to be fooled. For this kind of barber shop, there will be a situation similar to betting: you may be used as a tool for practicing your hands by apprentices. Every time you get a haircut in a shop like this, people are different. Some of them are brothers sweeping the floor, some are old girls in the shampoo, and some are... Maybe he cleaned the toilet before.

Since it is an apprentice, the total cutting die can not be, on the one hand, the head model is perfect and single, can only be preliminary practice, difficult to achieve climate; on the other hand, the head model is also expensive, more apprentices as a master can not uncover the pot. So they had to sacrifice their guests. In fact, this kind of store also has the advantage that there are always a few good technologies in it, depending on whether you can meet them. If you find a reasonable one, remember his name and appearance, and look for him next time, you can avoid a lot of pitfalls.

Hair cutting is an art, but many people learn to dress up before they learn the skills. In fact, some hairdressers can really be called masters. You dont have to say anything when you sit there. You can feel the true TM value of the money spent when someone clicks twice.

But the real barber is a minority, and the feigner is the majority. Many people think that they have learned hairdressing skills for more than ten years, and they cant listen to anyones words. The haircut process is for him the time to let himself go.

Afterwards, you cried and said to him, Why dont you understand me! He will only breathe a little afterwards smoke: You said that kind of ugly, I do not like, this is my style, you do not understand fashion. Then turn around and leave you a handsome figure like a knife. What do you think you can do at this time? Can only cry while chasing: Wait a minute, I have one last word to ask you... Love. No... How much is your wig?


Tell a storyu2014u2014

Zhao Tiezhu is an apprentice of Master Wang, a village hairdresser. He finds that Master Wang is very casual every time he gives customers a haircut. If you dont talk much or listen to others, you will never come here as required by your customers. This self-willed, not ordinary barber dare to show, Zhao Tiezhu is very envious, want to learn.

Master, when will you teach me to have a haircut?


When will you teach me to cut my hair? I want to learn.

Ah? What did you say?

Your father? What happened to my father? My father has been walking for years at my age!

That afternoon, Tie Zhu finally realized that Masters cold was not pretended. He was really deaf.

Whatever you say, I hope you will meet a barber who can connect with your heart. If you run all over the river and the north and the south, and every time you just change the ugly way, you have to think about a question: Are you real? Long disabled.

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