Audi driver escaped police intervention after he was bitten by a drunk driver

 Audi driver escaped police intervention after he was bitten by a drunk driver

An Audi driver in Yongzhou escaped after being examined and bitten by a drunk driver. The police station intervened in the investigation (Source:)

On the evening of August 8, several videos of traffic policemen grabbing drunk driving were widely disseminated among Weixin groups in Yongzhou, Hunan Province. Video recordings of the Audi car was stopped by a drunk driver, two traffic policemen came forward to block a few minutes later, Audi driver bited the traffic policeman and escaped experience.

On the morning of the 11th, Pengmei News confirmed from the official of Yongzhou, Hunan Province that the incident happened at about 10:13 p.m. on August 8. Traffic police checked the drinks and drove near the traffic lights of Tiger Rock Park in Lingling Zhonglu, Lengshuitan District. An Audi car refused to stop. Two traffic policemen stopped for several minutes without success. The Audi driver bit the traffic policeman and fled the scene. At present, the local police station has intervened in the investigation, the driver is still fleeing.

Several videos obtained by Peng Mei News show that a black Audi A6L with a license plate of Hunan M.A3887 is resisting traffic policemens law enforcement at the traffic light intersection. In the video, two policemen in police uniform are close to the Audi drivers cab. They try to control the driver and shout, while both hands reach into the cab. Audi drivers did not stop, but constantly adjust the direction of the vehicle, after ignoring traffic police obstruction, bypass the front police car to escape from the scene.

A lady on the scene introduced that when she was near the Audi car, she found that the driver had a strong taste of wine.

Yongzhou official said that a traffic policeman was bitten by a driver during the stop. According to preliminary investigation, the driver was not the owner of the car that night. At present, the local police have intervened in the investigation. To date, the driver who bit the traffic policeman has not been brought to justice.

Source of this article: PengMei News Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499