Angry birds 2 issued the Chinese dubbing, the pig bird changed into the Oolong agent.

 Angry birds 2 issued the Chinese dubbing, the pig bird changed into the Oolong agent.

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11 that Angry Birds 2, the funniest animated film in August, will be released nationwide on August 16. The film scored 88% of the total score on the foreign authoritative film review website rotten tomatoes, setting a new record for the game adaptation film rotten tomatoes.

Now, domestic audiences have the opportunity to watch this masterpiece of laughter and heat dissipation first, just two days from August 10 to 11, covering 144 cities throughout the country. Many audiences have already felt the laughing fruits of anger in advance. Some netizens commented after watching the film that the elder brother next to Hahahaha laughed for several minutes for fear of his lack of oxygen! Others said, In the movie, adults and children laugh together and have love!

This summer archive left many moments of hot tears, while Angry Birds 2 filled the gap of comedy, providing more choices for comedy types and family audience. Apart from the English versions of Jason Sudaicis, Peter Dinlaki, Nicky Mina, the spicy chicken, the Chinese dubbing version follows the original version of the first book, with the same remarkable laughter. It not only seamlessly integrates the popular Chinese phrases such as mine at home and really disappoints me. It can better meet the needs of the whole family, and children and adults can enjoy it.

The overall upgrade of Angry Birds 2 includes not only new characters, new scenes and new threats, but also a lot of special agent elements. Starting with a villain launching a secret weapon against pig island and bird island, daring yellow and cheap, cute performances became the first laugh. Faced with the common threat, old friends decided to join hands. The pig camp made their own high-tech inventions, and the birds camp sent strange people, including the new role of dancing the silver.

The tension-filled big scenes are dazzling, including huge Yellow Submarines breaking out of the ice, hanging into the ice queens high-tech weapons and equipment, and using cloth maps as parachutes to fall at high altitudes. The lens is very powerful, making people seem to be in action blockbusters.

The movie Angry Birds 2 is in full swing in 144 cities across the country, so you can experience the most joyful adventure in August ahead of time. The film will be released nationwide on August 16.

Angry Birds 2 is directed by Tulup Van Olman, Jason Sudeich, Josh Gade, Leslie Jones, Bill Hardel, Rachel Bloom, Okafina, Stirling K. Brown, Ohenio Delvis, Danny McBride, Peter Dinlaki, Pi. T. Davidson, Zack Woods, Dev Cameron, Lille Lyle Havali, Nicky Mina, Beck Bennett, Brooklyn Prince and other original voice.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020