Manchester United VS Chelsea Looking Forward: The First Show of the Most Expensive Guard in PK History

 Manchester United VS Chelsea Looking Forward: The First Show of the Most Expensive Guard in PK History

The two teams have won a total of 183 matches, 75-55-53, but Manchester United are in absolute disadvantage in nearly 13 Premier League matches, 2-6-5. Manchester United should still have a lot of confidence at home because they have been unbeaten in the last six Premier League home games against Chelsea, 2-4.

Two Teams Junior Commander PK

The two teams have been coached by club celebrities, Major Admiral Solskjaer and Lampard respectively this season. They have met many times in the Premier League during their playerstime: Solskjaer won 5 times, drew 3 times and lost 1 time. This is the first time that two Major Admirals coached PK. The resumes of the two coaches are hard to rest assured, and Shentongs vast gambling companies are not optimistic about them. (Last season, the gambling company set Mourinhos closing rate as the lowest). No matter what company, Solskjaers closing rate is the lowest and the hottest, while Lampards closing rate is about 5-7. Its also relatively low.

Manchester United start with new signings?

Manchester United didnt have many new players this summer. They introduced three English players, Marquelle, Wanpisaka and James. Wanpisaka is sure to start this match, while Marquel and James are likely to start. Wanpisaka and James have seen their performances in the warm-up matches, but Maguire has not joined Manchester United for more than a week now. He has not played a warm-up game for Manchester United. As the champion of the Premier League this summer, he must have the ability, but the direct starting effect is not very good.

Who is Uniteds centre forward?

Chelsea Reuse Young Player

Although Chelseas main players Azar and David Louis were transferred last season this summer, coaches Lampard had to reuse youngsters because the transfer ban could not be invoked and there were many injuries this summer: Chick and Oddoi are still injured, Cantor, Ludig and William are suspicious. In the warm-up, many Chelsea youngsters played well, and both Munter and Abraham are hopeful to start.


Manchester United injury: Bay (defender), Mensa (defender) suspension: no

Chelsea injury: Chick (midfielder), Odoy (midfielder) suspension: no doubt: Cantor (midfielder), Ludig (defender), William (midfielder)

Prediction startup

Chelsea (4231): Copa/Aspiriquita, Zuma, Christensen, Emerson/Jorgenio, Buckley/Pedro, Munter, Priscic/Abraham

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