CSGO Berlin Major Competition Beacon Tobacco Four Pitfish Exclusive All-way Live Broadcast

 CSGO Berlin Major Competition Beacon Tobacco Four Pitfish Exclusive All-way Live Broadcast

Among them, Sakula, the anchor, has won many CS Championships including WCG2008 since 2003, and is known as Prince AK of China. For example, Eggplant, the anchor of Tyloo, POW, Nface and other teams, is named Wu Quanqing. It has opened the Bai Gi streaming method, which has been learned by many domestic players. With solid CS technology and unique live style, it has become a well-known anchor in CSGO circle and is familiar to the public.

In addition, each anchor has his own expertise and tactics, and with years of League experience, from a professional point of view to analyze the teams tactics, to provide online audiences with a textbook-level interpretation of the game.

At the same time, online users can also log on to the official theme page of CSGO Berlin Major live broadcasting. There is also an online participation in the theme activities, access to deep red net, luxury treasure box lottery opportunities, AK-47 (bloody campaign), 5E gift packs and other benefits. Feel the summer Carnival from July to September with the contestants.

From challenger to champion, can Tianlu team sing Chinese voice?

Consistent with the past, this Major tournament will follow the Swiss tournament system. It will be staged in three stages: the new challenger stage, the new legend stage and the championship stage.

Among them, August 23 to August 26 is the new challenger group stage. At that time, the first two players from Minor in each competition area will compete with 16 teams from the original challenger group; August 28 to September 1 is the new Legend Group stage. Eight successful teams from the Challenger group will compete with eight legendary teams to qualify for the legendary group. From September 5 to September 8, the final eight teams will usher in the glorious moment of this competition and decide the highest honor Major title of CSGO professional competition.

At present, the success of Tianlu Team, a Chinese team, depends on the level of its follow-up performance if it can pass through the new challenger group and enter the championship group, even win the final championship and win a million prizes.

Game Fish Focuses on the Splendid Points of Competition

As a world-class CSGO event, CSGO Berlin Majors status in the hearts of CSGO gamers is equivalent to the well-known TI and S series events. Being able to stand out in CSGO Major will make it possible to recreate the world ranking of competitors. Especially in the competition stage, the competition between teams will become more intense.

A series of brilliant points of view may arise immediately: Does Tianlu of the Chinese battle team play steadily and go further? Can the new and old teams in the four major competition zones complete the running-in and activate their combat effectiveness? Can the worlds top-ranking big and powerful teams retain their status as king and never leave the dust? Is there a dark horse in the headwind situation, which can turn the tables upside down? It will be the starting point of this competition.

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