After the general secretary answered the letter, things changed here.

 After the general secretary answered the letter, things changed here.

Home is Yumai, country is China, grazing and guarding the border is the duty, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters, praising you speak so well. This simple words quickly spread throughout the country from the southern foot of the Himalayas.

Starting from Lhasa in the morning, I drove along the Yarlung Zangbo River to the East and then over the Gomula and Rila Mountains at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters to the south, bumping for more than 10 hours. In the evening, overlooking Linya Mountain Road, the small valley surrounded by green hills is Yumai Township, Longzi County, Shannan City. Under the white clouds, the flag painted on the stone at the entrance of the village is particularly bright.

Over the past year, Yumai has changed the most. Looking at the rows of new houses and construction sites under construction, Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters, who had just returned from grazing, said happily. We must remember General Secretary Xi Jinpings entrustment and concern, take good care of the grass and trees in the territory of our motherland, and build Yumai into a happy and beautiful well-off town! I recall General Secretary Xi Jinpings Reply of October 28, 2017, Zhuoga, 58, and Yangzong, 56, with confidence and pride on their faces.

More and more applicants have come to settle down in the border area.

We cant leave because Yumai is poor. This is the land of our country. We must keep it. Only when people are there can they look good at home. Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters remembered their fathers words, and they had been pasturing and patrolling the border for decades.

In 1996, two families moved back, and the popularity of Yumai gradually increased. By 2016, there were 9 families and 32 people in the whole town. On the occasion of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Zhuoga and Yangzong wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping to express their determination to guard the border and report on the development and changes of their hometown.

General Secretary Xi Jinpings letter encouraged all the Yumai people, such as Zhuoga and Yangzong, to increase their confidence and motivation in guarding the frontier and fixing the frontier.

The new light steel keel assembly building was built before the Tibetan New Year. Old residents have moved in, and most new residents have moved in.

These new Yumai people come from nearby towns. Much better than the old earthen houses, they are warm and moistureproof. Shortly after she moved in, Jane was very satisfied with her new family. Her husband went to Shannan to see a car that day and planned to borrow money to buy a truck for transportation.

Yumai peoples life is getting more prosperous. In 2018, their per capita annual income reached more than 60,000 yuan, an increase of 11.1% over the same period of last year. With popularity, stores, restaurants, family hotels and sweet tea houses are opening more and more. Bamboo wares, chicken blood rattan bracelets and other handicraft products are often out of stock.

Despite the fact that there are not many Yumai people, there are quite a few children going to school outside. Now there are five college students in school. There was pride in Davas tone.

Mobile Payment in the Country

In the middle of a year, snow blocked the mountains for half a year. Once the Yumai was almost isolated from the world. To go to the county, you have to climb two snow mountains over 5,000 meters above sea level, 40 kilometers of road, and take at least a dozen hours by car. In the new era, new weather and good policy, the life of Yumai people has changed completely in the past two years.

Cement roads have been opened, and the state has invested money to improve traffic. The time of traffic jam caused by heavy snow has been shortened from half a year to more than three months. Villagers bought eight cars. Its more convenient to go to Shannan and Lhasa. Theres no need to pull a horse over a hill on a snowy day any more. Baimajiang Village, a mailman in Yumai Township for more than 20 years, told reporters that there were fewer breaks due to debris flows, landslides and avalanches, and more postal parcels than before.

The power grid was switched on and off in February 2018. It was officially connected to the national power grid. No longer worried about the voltage instability burning out electrical appliances, the essential butter lamp became a cultural relic. The 125 kilowatt small hydropower station built in the past has now become a standby power supply. Hu Xuemin, the head of the township, has more confidence in developing production and improving peoples livelihood.

4G signaling, full coverage of the Internet, rural areas can use mobile payment. There are many guests in our family. Mobile payment is very convenient. The Baimatswang family, a villager who runs family hotels and small shops, also speaks Mandarin fluently.

Road networks, power grids, the Internet, the infrastructure construction of Yumai has been continuously improved, and the capacity and level of public services have been stepped up. Two years ago, we couldnt send or receive a bag of things for half a year. Now we can send express mail full of four or five bags every two days. Baimajiang Village sighs.

Yumai Township Government is located in Yumai Village, which used to be only a few hundred meters long street, but now it has become a circular three streets. Construction of a well-off border township has been carried out in an all-round way. Construction of new township Party committees and government offices is under way. Schools, health centers, parks, tourist centers and Yumai hotels are also being planned and constructed.

Without the concern of the General Secretary and the help and support of the Party and the government, there will be no new appearance of Yumai today. As a deputy to the National Peoples Congress, Zhuoga attended this years NPC and NPC sessions, telling many people the story of the CPC Central Committees concern for Yumai and the masseshearts toward the Party and the motherland.

Keeping and Fixing the Border

Where the territory is, we must let the five-star red flag fly. After winning the title of Model of the Times in 2018, Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters turned this honor into a greater impetus, and led more cadres and masses to join the ranks of guarding the frontier.

Grazing and guarding the frontier is not only life but also work, but also responsibility. Patriotic border guard has been integrated into the blood of Yumai people.

The border line protected by Yumai is very long, with deep valleys and dense forests in most places. The whole journey is 80 kilometers, with each person carrying 50 to 80 kilograms. It takes eight days to walk. We dont think its bitter, but we enjoy it, said Dava, who took the village cadres on a foot patrol a year ago.

Keeping the border and fixing it, we should also invigorate it. Yumai people began to ponder new ways and develop industries.

Seven kilometers away from Yumai Village, there are four new greenhouses, each 1000 square meters. Over the next few days, more than a dozen township cadres transported half-rotten wood collected from the mountains to the greenhouse.

The two greenhouses in front have been replaced with soil to grow vegetables. The latter two greenhouses try to grow edible fungi, half-rotten wood is used as a medium, technicians will be able to test in two days. Dawa told reporters about the idea of development. To build a happy and beautiful well-off township, villagers can not all graze. In order to protect the ecological environment, the yaks on the mountain should be controlled within 600, and now there are only more than 400. Our goal is to build Yumai fine yak breeding base, control the scale, shorten the breeding cycle, and achieve the balance between grass and livestock. Fresh vegetables are precious to us. In the future, some villagers can engage in this industry and operate in a cooperative way.

Besides cultivation, Yumai has great potential for tourism development. Appreciate azaleas, view alpine lakes, pierce spruce forests, experience alpine pastures... Yumai Braga Day high-quality tourism hiking route is under construction, has invested 10 million yuan.

Yang Zongs son, Solanton Zhu, was the first university graduate in Yumai Township. He had a chance to walk out of the mountains, but he resolutely returned to the countryside. I graduated from Tibet University majoring in tourism. Yumai develops tourism projects. This is a useful place for me. The younger generation of Yumai people will certainly inherit and carry forward the spirit of their predecessors and be the guardian of the sacred land and the builder of a happy home, said Solanton Pearl.