Recent developments in Ozils assault case: Police have successfully arrested two suspects

 Recent developments in Ozils assault case: Police have successfully arrested two suspects

Yesterday, Arsenal officially announced that Ozil and Kolashnatz could not play in the first round of the Premier League because the two players and their families were in great danger. It is reported that the residences of Ozil and Kolashnatz have been spotted by gangsters. It is worrying that accidents have occurred in the evening in the vicinity of their residences. Today, the homes of Ozil and Kolashnatz are under 24-hour police surveillance.

Police today announced their successful arrest of two suspects who were arrested near Ozils residence. Police issued a statement: On Thursday, August 8, local time, there was a security accident in Camden area. The two people were arrested and they will be charged with it. The two were Ferhat Ercan, 27, Salaman Ekinci, 27, and Tottenham. They will appear in court on September 6 for trial.

Are these two men the ones who robbed Ozil and Korashnats before? The Daily Mirror did not give an accurate answer. But the British media believe that even if the two people arrested are not the last two robbers, there must be some contact between them, and the police can find the gang behind them. BBC sources said the two men had nothing to do with Ozils attack.

The Mirror revealed that there had been a series of safety incidents in Ozils and Kolashnatzs residences on Wednesday and Thursday, which caused panic. According to the Sun, Korachnatzs wife was terrified. She had returned to Germany and vowed never to return to Britain again.

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