The old Communist Party members in the red film period are incredible: they all went to see it.

 The old Communist Party members in the red film period are incredible: they all went to see it.

Xiong Yaping, Secretary of the Tongcheng County Party Committee of Hubei Province, read the comment of the old Communist Party members, and was very impressed. He left a message saying, The article is very profound and very alert! I will immediately arrange for the propaganda department to set up a special advertising area for revolutionary traditional education films in the county cinema, and organize teenagers to watch it. Liu Jianfei, a lecturer and cultural scholar in the quality lecture hall of Wuhan University, read the article and sighed, If the cinema does not arrange the film, I would like to see it and not see it. If this goes on, the partys red propaganda position is very dangerous. Many Party members and cadres left messages saying that Red Film fell into such a situation that they felt incredible and shocked.

According to historical records, from 28 to 29 December 1929, the Ninth Party Congress of the Fourth Army of the Chinese Workers and Peasants, held in Gutian Village, Shanghang County, Longyan County, Fujian Province (historically known as Gutian Conference), creatively answered and solved a series of basic problems in the construction of the Party and army, such as arming the proletarian party with advanced ideological theories, and the Partys commanding gun. The issue is an important milestone in the history of our Partys and our armys construction. The conference laid a Marxist-Leninist line for the construction of the Red Army in China, and laid a foundation for the formation and development of the road thought of Encircling Cities in the countryside and seizing power by armed forces.

Such revolutionary movies with great red historical significance, some cinemas did not arrange their schedules. At the appeal of the audience, they barely opened. There was only one old Communist Party member sitting in the big cinema, empty. No wonder the county Party secretary, scholars, old revolutionary and old Communist Party members wake up after seeing the news. Question, showing concern about the red gene inheritance of red culture.

In recent years, films on revolutionary and anti-Japanese war themes have also been criticized. In order to highlight the peoples bravery and wit, some red films and anti-Japanese war movies use some unrealistic plots to exaggerate facts, misinterpret history, joke about heroes and make fun of the history of anti-Japanese war and revolution in the form of comedy. Captain, the Royal Army asked me to give you a message. Taijun said that as long as you surrender your gun, you will be assured of your splendor and wealth...For the sake of the Party and the state! Pull brothers together! Brothers, hold on, hold on to me! Such mindless and mechanized fabrication can only cause the audience to doubt the authenticity of the revolution and the war of resistance. It is a typical low-level red and high-level black in the history of the revolution and the war of resistance. In the face of such a joke about red movies, it is inevitable for the audience to vote with their feet.

The different Gutian Army won a lot of audience praise shortly after its release. Before filming the film, the 3600 cameras, the dispatch of more than 8000 officers and soldiers, and the post-production of more than 8 months, created countless days and nights of study, life and interviews in the old revolutionary areas, so that the Gutian Army can blossom the historical light of that remarkable period of time.

Let the soldiers know why they fight? Why do ordinary people prefer to sacrifice their lives to protect us? In that harvest year, the common people were willing to let the Red Army eat their own meals. The simple lines told the truth of the revolution, and the sentences reached the hearts of the people. In order to make the war scenes of the film realistic, the actors make up very carefully, the flesh and blood on the battlefield is blurred, so that the actors in the performance scene, the heart can not help but be shocked. Wang Renjun, Mao Zedongs actor, said in an interview with reporters: On the spot of filming, when I saw many wounded soldiers, tears came down. It was real tears, not acting.

Some young students after watching Gutian Army said: The main theme of the red film can also be made so good, people still want to see it again after watching it. I thought that great men would say some lofty words. In this film, the great man Mao Zedong was so kind and touching. I cant imagine that the red film had tears and laughter, so it made me cry.

The expression of flesh and blood and soul is close to the characterization of historical life. Originally, the red theme movies can not only evoke the historical memory of post-40, post-50, post-60 and post-70, but also make post-80, post-90 and Post-00 remember bitterly and sweetly, and burst into tears.

The cinema does not schedule the Gutian Army as a waste of electricity resources, which is a misunderstanding of the red culture, but also a great disrespect for history and a betrayal of forgetting. At the same time, it is also awakening the publishing culture and propaganda departments: it is urgent to promote and support the shooting of red films, improve the connotation of red culture and make the films full of the fragrance of earth close to life. Otherwise, the veteran party members said that the position of literary and artistic propaganda has reached the most dangerous moment. The questioning and questioning of the Partys Red Propaganda Position is very dangerous is not alarmist and alarmist.

Dont let cheap laughter, baseless entertainment and rubbish drown our lives. Not only to remind literary and artistic workers, but also to remind leading cadres at all levels and people from all walks of life that it is necessary to organize young people to watch Red classics. The great rejuvenation of culture and the grand construction of the spiritual home of the Chinese nation require not only inspiring great works, but also accepting the impetus of great works. Otherwise, the money-shaking tree of pursuing interests and the ecstasy of sensory stimulation will occupy the ideological position of the Chinese people, day after day, year after year, with flourishing branches and deep-rooted roots.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of Peoples Daily