Liang Zhenying repeatedly criticizes Cathay Pacific: politicization of Cathay Pacific personnel is the end of the road

 Liang Zhenying repeatedly criticizes Cathay Pacific: politicization of Cathay Pacific personnel is the end of the road

BEIJING, Aug. 11, according to Hong Kong Wen Bao, a few days ago, the State Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific, and clearly put forward three requirements. The rioters claim that this is restricting the legitimate exercise of the rights and freedoms enumerated in the Basic Law by Hong Kong people and undermining the `one country, two systems. Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, retorted repeatedly on Facebook, questioning: If the crew of a Hong Kong Airlines flight to the United States clearly pointed their cars and horses at the United States, how do you expect the U.S. government to deal with these people? No passenger wants to enter the cabin politically, and the politicization of Cathay Pacific is self-seeking.

Liang Zhenying data map.

In response to the riotersclaim that the actions of the National Civil Aviation Administration undermine one country, two systems, Liang Zhenying retorted: Dont sayone country, two systems, even if it istwo countries, two systems, the United States will not tolerate such crew members. Freedom does not mean to do as one pleases.

He also pointed out: No airline has a sole market, not to mention Cathay Pacific. Passengers choose airlines, all require absolute confidence in the crew, no passenger wants to enter the cabin politically, Cathay Pacific personnel politicization is the end of the road.

Liang Zhenying also quoted the news report as saying: The group of telegram in the aviation industry issued a statement criticizing the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Administration, which seriously interfered with the freedom of Hong Kong crew members of Cathay Pacific Airlines and its wholly-owned subsidiaries.... He asked, Is there any freedom to fly after drinking? Are there any freedoms that can affect the companys image if life is not proper? Among the thousands of industries, airlines have stringent requirements on staff in all aspects, and there are many restrictions on personal freedom. If you like people who are free and free, youd better leave the industry.

Karry Ho, a netizen, said that if the crew flying to the United States indicated anti-U.S., there would only be three possibilities: Possibilities 1: basically no aircraft; Possibilities 2: real-time locks when entering the country; Possibilities 3: deportation of the original aircraft. However, according to Michelle Fong, the result is only one: Return to the original plane! Do not fly into American airspace! Unless the crew changes! Taisan Lau also pointed out: Based on safety, each region has the right to formulate its own flight safety regulations and guidelines, do not want to comply with, can be grounded.

Cathay Pacifics biggest problem is to disclose the flight data of its guests. If there is any problem with the passengers on the flight or after landing, is Cathay Pacific responsible for it? netizen Kiki Chan wrote. No country or place can tolerate it. With an aggressive pilot, the guests are safe and suspicious.

Source: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499, Responsible Editor of CNN