Birthday Night Refusal to Reverse Murphys Defeat of the Defending Champion in the First National Championship Final

 Birthday Night Refusal to Reverse Murphys Defeat of the Defending Champion in the First National Championship Final

Mark Allen won his fifth ranking championship at the Scottish Open last December, but his performance has been up and down throughout the season. With this championship, the national championship champion and the runner-up in the English Championship, Allen once ranked first in a single season, but then his performance was unreasonable. I think, even in the first round of the World Championships at the end of the season and eliminated. As the defending champion of the national championship, Daqing can be said to be a blessing to Mark Allen. Here he reached the final three times and won the championship last year. In the new season, Zero Warm-up Allen seems to find the feeling of last year when he came to Daqing. He lost only five games in the first four matches of the National Championship. He did not meet some challenges until he met Ding Junhui in the quarter-finals, but also won 6-3. He also scored 141 points in the current match against Craigie, showing his offensive strength.

For Murphy, this seasons national championship is his first semi-final in nearly a year. Last season Murphy was inexplicably in a downturn. Except for the Scottish Open, the best result was only the third round. It was Allen who shattered his dream of championship in the final of the Scottish Open. At the beginning of the new season, Murphy quit his job as chairman of the playersUnion and devoted himself to training and matches, which undoubtedly helped him to improve his game. In the semi-finals, besides signing and transporting well, he also had a very high gold content. After the 6-5 victory over Robertson, the Melbourne Machine in the 16 finals, he defeated Dort, the former champion of Higgins in the 8 finals. The relaxed and confident Magician has equalized the best result he has achieved in the 12-year national championship, and he is also very thirsty. Hope to further impact the champion, break their two and a half years of ranking championship shortage.

In the first three games of the afternoon, Murphy scored 92, 76 and 84 points respectively. Although not as fierce as Trump the previous day, his delicate and stable performance left Allen no chance to perform, and he did not get one point in the three games. Murphy finally made a mistake in the fourth inning, but the small steel gun apparently did not find the sights, even with the help of the lucky ball, failed to clear the stage and let Murphy bring 4-0 into the break.

Alan still feels cold after a short adjustment. Murphy has given 54 and 88 points on a single pole, and the difference has been widened to 6-0. Such a fantastic start may not have occurred to Murphy himself. In the seventh inning, Allen finally stopped the decline. Murphy hit 52 and returned with a 66-point shot. 70-59 finally won the next inning, 1-6. In the last game of the first half, Allen broke a hundred strokes, and then fell 2-6 behind in the second game.

The semi-final match day coincides with Murphys birthday. The Organizing Committee of the National Championship specially prepared a birthday cake for Murphy after the match. As a friend of Murphy, Allen said after the game, Whether its Murphys birthday or not today, hes not playing very well, and Murphys performance is very good, winning the game really deserves it. For Murphy, winning the second semi-finals on his birthday is a pleasure, but facing Trump, the worlds number one, tomorrow is the real test.

On August 11, Beijing time, the final of the World Snooker Championship in 2019 will be held. The competition will take 19 games and 10 wins. Trump and Murphy will compete for the first ranking championship of the season. CCTV5 + will broadcast the afternoon games live from 14:00, while CCTV5 will broadcast the evening games live at 21:30.