A Beijing charterer tells us about the girls who rented my house in those years.

 A Beijing charterer tells us about the girls who rented my house in those years.

Today, I share these stories with you here, hoping to help those who are sharing or renting with others.

A Beijing charterer tells us about the girls who rented my house in those years.

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Its too late to meet.

There is a little girl who was born in the 1980s.

She was very happy when she was a child.

Father, mother, grandpa and grandma all dote on her.

Grandpa and Grandma are all wealthy.

Grandpa can write brush strokes. Grandma likes reading.

It has gone through many storms.

Later, Grandpa learned carpentry and made a living by craftsmanship.

The little girls father followed her grandfather as a carpenter.

The little girls happiness came to an abrupt end when she was six years old.

When Dad worked as a carpenter,

A board bounced off the chainsaw.

Directly into his main artery.

The yard was filled with mourning.

At that time, the little girl was sitting on a big stone in front of her house and looking at the ants.

Hearing cries at home,

When I entered the door, I was shocked.

Dad is out of action. Theres a lot of blood.

Dad looked at the little girl.

He did not leave a word and left.

The little girl became a man without a father.

Mother, grandpa, grandma and family are all sad.

But theres no way.

Life and death are unpredictable.

Grandpa and Grandma want to leave the little girl behind.

But Mom didnt give it.

Mother said she would take her with her all her life.

Grandpa and Grandma are old.

You cant raise a child.

At that time, the little girl was too young to know what to say goodbye to.

Mother took the little girl away.

Later, she remarried to a new village.

There is a stepfather in the new family.

Slowly the little girl found out.

It was so painful to leave.

She cant see her grandparents.

I cant go home.

Grandpa misses little girls,

I went dozens of miles on my bicycle to see her.

They sat under the big pine trees on the hill.

Grandpa touched the little girls braid.

The little girl touched Grandpas beard.

Two people wept into tears.

I saved five dollars.

Go to the street and wait for the bus.

Stealing back to Grandpas house.

It was so happy to go to Grandpas house.

She never wanted to go back to her new home again.

But the next day, my mother came.

The little girl saw her mother coming from afar.

Hide it.

She hid in a firewood pile.

Mother cant find her daughter at Grandpas house.

He left crying.

The little girl watched her mother leave crying.

Very sad.

Later, the little girl volunteered to ask Grandpa to send her back to her new home.

The little girl and her mother grew up in the new parents.

The new family has a stepfather.

The little girl studies very well. She comes first in the annual exam.

Later she went to college.

His stepfather sent him to school and sent her to school.

The twisted stepfather lost his way in the city.

In college, the little girl opened up a new world.

She buries herself in the library every day.

Crazy reading.

Fascinated by words

University graduated,

She arrived in Beijing.

Become a northerly drifter.

I have accomplished the task of supporting you.

You wont be paid any more.

The little girl is very strong.

If you dont give, you wont. I earn it myself.

She has done many kinds of jobs in Beijing.

University counselor, sales,

Media company director, reporter.


The little girl had bowl noodles from the beginning.

Xiao Bai, who has to choose a large number of stores to enter,

Become a person who also has certain economic strength in Beijing.

She also harvested love.

Married to the editor of a publishing house.

The little girl has always had a dream since childhood.

She wants to write about human love.

Suffering, transmutation, joy and sorrow.

But she analyzed herself.

Her experience is too shallow.

We also need to experience life more deeply.

So she went home and ran for village director.

At that time, her household registration was still in her hometown.

Home is a mining area.

Many people fight every day for resources.

She felt that it was a place where human nature grinded each other.

Have what she wants.

And now,

All the writers went to town.

Shes going to be a different person.

Some relations in my hometown,

Successful election, became a village director.

She was thirty that year.

The youngest village director in China.

She has done a lot of good to the villagers.

She negotiated with the mine owner for ten million dollars.

Give the villagers a share.

They also built elementary schools for the village.

The village was renovated.

Many roads have been built for the villagers.

It was three years since the beginning of the storm.

Its been three years of hard work.

Its worth three years.

After that she returned to Beijing.

Save a belly of stories.

She is the best writer among the rural cadres in China.

She is one of the most unique Chinese writers.

She has a public number.

She began to write about her understanding of the society.

Start writing about her experience.

Start writing about her love, hatred and hatred.

Write her novel.

Unexpectedly, such a writing would be very popular.

In her first year,

Two hundred thousand fans,

The following year,

Sixty thousand.

Yes, shes called a cocktail.

Readers like her.

What she writes is most grounded in air.

Close to the people.

She has lived a solid life.

Her writing has temperature, depth and spirit.

Wide knowledge and profound understanding.

She really writes with her heart.

A man who measures his life with his feet.

Her public name,

Its the Grand View Garden.

Every state of the world,

Human nature and human heart,

Most incisive.

If you like vivid words

Welcome to pay attention to the fish:

Her public name has three main purposes:

Love warms the heart.

Second, its interesting.

Life is too bitter to be happy.

Third, it is useful.

Written words, if you can not make the reader more clear, is garbage.

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