Armed occupation of the Provisional Presidential Palace in Yemen during clashes between different factions

 Armed occupation of the Provisional Presidential Palace in Yemen during clashes between different factions

Reported that from the morning of 10, the local armed forces security ties and Yemeni President Hadis government forces continued to fight fiercely in Aden City - in the security ties fierce offensive, the government troops retreated, all the military barracks in Aden fell into the hands of security ties.

Subsequently, the security link launched an attack on Adens temporary presidential palace. The two sides fought fiercely at the location of the guard camp of the presidential palace, and the government forces remained invincible. That night, the security link occupied the temporary presidential palace.

Several senior Yemeni government officials are said to have flown to Saudi Arabia.

It is not clear whether Hadi himself was in Aden or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition, it was reported that before the temporary presidential palace was occupied, senior officials of the Hadi government of Yemen, including the Minister of the Interior, had travelled to Riyadh in a private jet.

The Yemeni government called it a coup against the United Arab Emirates

Following the defeat of the Provisional Presidential Palace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hadi Government issued a statement accusing the separatist Southern Transitional Council of launching a coup against Yemens legitimate government. It also claimed that the United Arab Emirates, which backed the Southern Transitional Council, should be responsible for this and urged the United Arab Emirates to immediately stop its transition to the South. Economic and military support from the Commission.

The United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, said it was paying close attention to the situation in Aden and called on all parties to the conflict to remain calm, avoid escalating the situation and protect the security of Yemeni civilians.

Aden, located in the south of Yemen, is an important port city in Yemen. After the outbreak of the civil war in Yemen, Hussein armed forces seized the Yemeni capital Sanaa in September 2014, and Aden was designated as the temporary capital by the Hadi government in 2015.

The Southern Transitional Council, the most influential of Yemens many southern separatist forces, was established in 2017. It has been seeking the independence of the South and restoring Yemens status before the reunification of the north and the south in 1990, but it was rejected by the Hadi government.

Source: CCTV Responsible Editor: Lin Zhiheng_NY9285