Xu Jiayu Helped Men and Women Mixed Relay Win the World Cup Jinan Station China 7 Gold

 Xu Jiayu Helped Men and Women Mixed Relay Win the World Cup Jinan Station China 7 Gold

The Jinan World Cup is only two weeks away from the FINA Guangzhou Swimming World Championship. Xu Jiayu chose to take the initiative to reduce blood pressure and finally finished his individual event with two bronze medals.

The mens and womens 4x100m medley relay is a new Olympic event in Tokyo. Because the Chinese team fouled in the preliminary of the Guangzhou World Swimming Championship and failed to qualify for the finals and Olympic Games, the Chinese swimming army needs to strive for good results from the various events in order to compete for Olympic qualifications, so Xu Jiayu and Yan Zibei were sent to Jinan Station in the World Cup. Lead the team to battle.

In the final, Xu Jiayu opened up Australias two positions in the first bat. Yan Zibei left the competition record far behind. Zhang Yulin and Zhu Menghui also maintained their advantages, breaking the competition record and winning the championship in 3 minutes, 43 seconds and 79 seconds.

After the competition, Xu Jiayu said that his muscle mass dropped after the World Championship, but he still stood up to fight for Olympic qualifications for Chinese men and women mixed, that is, to reflect the spirit of struggle. Competition, no matter how big or small, must show competitive state, and I will be nervous, this is my attitude towards the game.

Although take the initiative to reduce the burden, but still harvested a gold medal, Xu Jiayu believes that the results unexpectedly good. I didnt think I could swim to 53.43 seconds with this stick. It was satisfying.

Zhang Yulin won the womens 100-meter butterfly swimming final in 57.41 seconds. After the game, Zhang Yulin confessed that he had not seen the taste of winning gold for a long time, and he was very happy.

In Guangzhou World Championship, I was unable to swim 100-meter butterfly because of physical reasons, and other events were also affected by psychologicalcrash. Zhang Yulin said, There is not too much pressure in Jinan World Cup Station this time, let go and win the championship instead.

American 19-year-old Su Liwen won the womens 800-meter freestyle finals in 8 minutes, 26 seconds and 13 seconds. Hou Yawen, the eighth Chinese swimmer in the womens 5km swimming event in Guangzhou World Championship, accelerated in the latter part of the race, picking up silver with a disadvantage of 0.66 seconds.

Hou Yawen said that although he mainly practiced swimming pool events in open water, he wanted to see his level in this competition. Yesterday, she won the gold medal in womens 200-meter freestyle, and today she won the silver medal. She is very satisfied with her performance.

The mens 100-meter backstroke gold medal was won by Australian star Larkin.

Jamaican veteran Atkinson won his second gold in the womens 50m breaststroke final. Chinese player Suo Ran and Yu Jingyao ranked second and third.

In the womens 200-meter medley, Hungarys Iron Lady Huosu won his fourth gold in 2 minutes, 09 seconds and 41 seconds, becoming the biggest winner of this World Cup. After the game, Hosu said that although he was 30 years old, he was still very young and was very happy to achieve such a result. (end)

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Liu Jie_NS6529