Netizens exposed the fracture caused by Ctrip and the claim for delayed treatment was rejected

 Netizens exposed the fracture caused by Ctrip and the claim for delayed treatment was rejected

On August 10, Zhang Xiaobo, president of Beijing Phoenix Linkage Culture and Media Co., Ltd., publicly told the story of his companys employeesrejection of claims for injuries in Ctrips delegation on Weibo, pointing directly at Ctrips bullying and fearing hardship.

It is reported that the employee traveled to Turkey with Ctrip in 2017. On the first day of landing, the employee participated in Ctrips recommendation project Sand Dune Off-road Vehicle Show, which was unfortunately hit by an off-road vehicle and injured his ankle.

After going to the local hospital for examination, the local companion said that the doctors diagnosis was only ankle sprain, just rest for a few days.

After returning home, medical examination found that the ankle comminuted fracture, and has seriously delayed treatment. The Turkish doctors diagnosis was also a fracture, and Ctrips company misled the employee.

As a result, Ctrips attitude suddenly softened, indicating that he would compensate the employee, but only if he persuaded his boss (that is, Zhang Xiaobo) to delete the microblog about Ctrip, which was rejected by the employee.

The authenticity of the story remains to be confirmed, but @Zhang Xiaobo expressed his dissatisfaction with Ctrip on Weibo as early as 2014, and said in 2018 that he would sue Ctrip for price fraud. He has been angry with Ctrip on Weibo ever since.

Zhang Xiaobo, a writer, is a well-known cultural businessman. Born in 1964, graduated from East China Normal University, one of the representatives of the urban poetry school. The earliest planner of China Can Say No series rose up in Chinas publishing industry and became a successful bookseller. President of Phoenix Linkage Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Chairman of Chongqing Phoenix Decision Book Media Co., Ltd., and former Chairman of Beijing Republican Linkage Book Co., Ltd.

Source: Responsible Editor of Fast Technology: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279