Engine throttle just calmed down Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE and fell into stall gate

 Engine throttle just calmed down Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE and fell into stall gate

Due to the design of air velocity at the exit of engine intercooler, a small amount of condensate water may accumulate at the exit of intercooler when the vehicle is driving in high temperature and humidity environment such as heavy rain. In this case, condensate droplets are sucked into the combustion chamber during rapid acceleration, resulting in engine lack of fire. Under this condition, the engine may enter the protection mode, which may lead to vehicle acceleration constraints and other situations, and there are potential safety hazards.

In fact, before the outbreak of engine power loss in Accord, many consumers complained about the same problem in INSPIRE on some domestic automobile complaint platforms. But because of its small sales, it has not attracted much attention. Continuous quality problems may affect Dongfeng Hondas future performance.

Before the end of 2017, Dongfeng Honda compact SUV CR-V appeared oil increase phenomenon, ready for public opinion to call it engine throttle. It was not until May 2018 that Dongfeng Honda decided to recall 130,000 CR-Vs after the State Administration of Market Supervision launched a defect investigation. In July, Dongfeng Honda recalled more than 290,000 Civics for the same reason.

The INSPIRE recalled by Dongfeng Honda is the companys flagship car, developed on the same platform as Accord, but the market performance of the two cars is very different. The monthly sales of INSPIRE are only about one fifth of Accords models, while Accord is the best-selling medium-sized car in China. At present, Dongfeng Honda mainly relies on Civic and CR-V to boost its sales. It sells very little in the mid-and high-end automotive field, including Siplatin Rui before, and the sales are not as expected.

Data released by Honda China on August 5 show that Hondas terminal sales in China totaled 861,359 vehicles from January to July this year, an increase of 20.5% over the same period last year. Among them, Guangzhou Automobile Hondas terminal sales from January to July 2019 totaled 436,165 vehicles, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year; Dongfeng Hondas terminal sales from January to July 2019 totaled 425,194 vehicles, an increase of 31.7% over the same period last year. In the automobile manufacturer sales ranking, the two enterprises ranked eighth and ninth respectively.

Source: Responsible Editor of Economic Observation Network: Wang Xiaowu_NF