Drivers claiming to be Commissioner of the Commission of Discipline Inspection can salvage 600,000 people and be sentenced to fraud

 Drivers claiming to be Commissioner of the Commission of Discipline Inspection can salvage 600,000 people and be sentenced to fraud

On July 31, Hanchuan City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution. Yangmouzhou was sentenced to 13 yearsimprisonment and a fine of 300,000 yuan for several crimes of fraud and fraud, and more than 529,000 yuan for illegal gains of fraud was returned to the victim.

The driver turned into a director.

Yang Mouxin, the owner of steel business, and Yang Mouzhou are people from the same village in Xiaochang County. There is no contact between them. Only in 2016, when celebrities in Yangmouzhou and Wanli were invited to have dinner together in the village, they kept contact information with each other. Yangmouxin listeners introduced Yangmouzhou as the director of the Commission of Discipline and Discipline Inspection in Hubei, Henan and other places. Yangmouxin is half-trusted and half-doubtful.

One day at the end of 2017, Yangmouzhou told Yangmouxin that he was working on a case involving a cadre surnamed Liu in the province. After a period of time, Yang Mouxin checked online, Liu Moumou was indeed checked in the province. Another time, Yangmouxin sent a message to Yangmouzhou asking where he was. Yang Mouzhou said in Beijing, and then sent a unit of micro-positioning. This makes Yangmouxin believe that Yangmouzhou is a cadre.

Considering that it might be helpful for future business, Yangmouxin is very hospitable to Yangmouzhou. He often takes him to Wuhan Airport and Wuhan Railway Station to help him arrange accommodation, meals and so on. Since then, Yang Mouzhou took the initiative to tell Yang Mouxin that his mobile phone was broken. Yang Mouxin immediately took him to Wuhan to buy a 6,000 yuan mobile phone.

In April 2018, Yang Mouzhou and Yang Mouxin called to say they were going to pick up some friends to sing. Yangmouxin invited Yangmouzhou and others to sing in Wuhan and spent more than 20,000 yuan on an event.

Until Yangmou boat was captured, Yangmouxin did not know that the real identity of Yangmou boat was a driver. According to Yang Mouxin, he spent 100,000 yuan on boats for three years.

Falsely claiming to be able to use ones identity to fishing for half a million dollars

Yangmouzhous splendid performance in Xiaochangs old home paved the way for him to swagger, cheat and defraud other peoples money and property.

One day in September 2017, Liu Mochao, chairman of a company engaged in real estate development in Xiaochang County, was taken away by the judicial authorities for investigation on suspicion of bribery. Liu Mochaos younger brother, Liu Mou Santuo, found the owner with the surname of Mi who is familiar with Yangmouzhou and asked him to ask Yangmouzhou to help fishing people.

A boat in Yangmou says it needs to be paid for. On October 23, 2017, when Mi Mou sent a boat from Yangyang to Xiaogan High-speed Railway Station, he transferred Liu Mousans 100,000 yuan cash to Yangmouzhou.

In late November 2017, Yang Mouzhou called to say that he was looking for a higher leadership position and that he had not enough money to handle it. On November 26, Liu Mousan took out 300,000 yuan of cash and rushed to the meeting place arranged by Yangmouzhou. He put 300,000 yuan of cash in the trunk of a car designated by Yangmouzhou. Yangmouzhou commanded the car to drive to another street by telephone in another car, and then took away 300,000 yuan.

At the same time, Liu Mou-rong, nephew, was also entrusting people to fish out his father. The two nephews and uncles were looking for the same person, that is, a boat in Yangmou. Also in late November 2017, Lius client, Lan Mouqing, moved 100,000 yuan of cash, three boxes of Maotai liquor and six Yellow Crane Tower 1916 cigarettes to a designated vehicle in a boat near Hongshan Auditorium in Wuhan.

The suspect was sentenced for not fishing himself out and falling into the legal net.

On New Years Day 2018, Liu Morong asked his uncle Wang Moulin of Yangmouzhou to help him when he saw no news from his father. At this time, appetite is getting bigger and bigger, Yangmouzhou offers 8 money.

Three days later, Liu Morong went to Wang Moulin with 80,000 yuan in cash, eight Yellow Crane Tower 1916 cigarettes and two boxes of Maotai liquor. When Wang Moulin got on the bus and found that Liu Morong had only brought 80,000 yuan, he called Yang Mouzhou. Yang Mouzhou said that eight money refers to 800,000 yuan, let them go back first. Yangmou boat therefore cheated unsuccessfully.

For a long time, when the victim saw a boat in Yangyang collecting money and doing nothing, he became suspicious and reported the case later. On September 4, 2018, a boat in Yangmou was detained by Xiaogan police. On January 18, the Xiaogan City Procuratorate designated the case under the jurisdiction of the Hanchuan City Procuratorate. After investigation, a 48-year-old boat in Yangmou was working as a driver for his boss in a real estate company in Henan before the incident.

On July 31 this year, the Hanchuan City Court, after hearing, held that the actions of a boat in Yangzhou had constituted the crime of swindling and fraud respectively. Among them, an attempted crime of 800,000 yuan could be punished lightly by comparison with the accomplished crime, and the above-mentioned judgment was made.

Source of this article: PengMei News Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499