Mans Heart: My love condition is that the woman must bear down payment and mortgage together.

 Mans Heart: My love condition is that the woman must bear down payment and mortgage together.

Is it hard to believe? However, this is the real existence of a dating show. Ming Yiyue admires the mans courage, dares to disclose his request for spouse selection on TV, and is so generous and frank: finding a partner is to share financial pressure together.

So, if a blind date boy so frankly asks for it, will a blind date girl accept it?

Xiaoma, a blind date girl from Chongqing, has recently experienced the same blind date incident.

In a letter to Ming Yiyue, Xiao Ma confessed that the blind date boys are too direct now. As soon as I met, I asked if I would like to repay the mortgage with him. Later, after inquiring about it, I learned that the 30-year mortgage was written by his mothers name. Even if I am willing to share the 30-year mortgage with him, why should I write his mothers name?

The house is becoming the most important part of marriage. The higher the house price, the more calculation. After all, we are ordinary people. As a boy, we can ask girls to undertake and struggle together. But this obvious calculation is too self-confident? Or is it too bullying the IQ of girls?

Nowadays, the dating market is becoming more and more open and funny. It looks like a great deal.

Either boys or girls are beautiful. Either girls or boys are rich.

The most coke place is that on the contrary, when girls look at the appearance of boys, when boys in the face of girls, such a blind date down, ask your heart, still believe in love?

Mingyi believes that the truth that we can never forget is that it is a persons character, not the material and external, that we are old with you.

Take away your sharpness, more sincerity, more openness, ask others at the same time please recognize yourself, even if it is a transaction, ask your heart, with what to exchange each others heart?