The Hypocritical Truth of Men: What is it like not to love but not to leave?

 The Hypocritical Truth of Men: What is it like not to love but not to leave?

Especially for women, a true feeling is like going into a lost forest. When IQ is negative, what a man says is what he says. Sometimes he even clearly feels that the other party is not so in love. As long as a man does not say goodbye openly, a woman is still willing to believe that he loves me.

Little wonder, this is mans hypocrisy.

What is it like not to love but not to leave, or even to step on two boats? In fact, at this time, the mans mind is nothing more than the following three reasons, follow Ming Yiyue to read the inventory, if you are a woman, is wandering in the edge of mens love and dislove, please believe that he no longer loves you, the reason why he did not leave is that this is the mans hypocritical truth.

Dont love but dont leave, often because men are too greedy.

Why were there not too many three palaces and six courtyards for ancient emperors?

Because he is greedy, the world is mine, the worlds women should also belong to me.

However, lack of ability does not mean that there is no greed, many men clearly do not love the women around them, but always do not speak out, because of his excessive greed, he wants the peace brought by home flowers, but also the warmth brought by home wild flowers, greed let him neither love nor open, until the day of the East Window incident.

Dont love but dont leave, often because men have not found a good home yet.

Dont doubt that mens hearts are made of stone.

Like a male star, giving every girlfriend is a free stone. With a girlfriend in a higher position, he can immediately abandon and vilify his predecessor. When the current situation has a disaster, he will not hesitate to turn around and leave.

The stone giver is simply because he has a heart like a stone and has nothing to do with love.

Unfortunately, women do not understand this truth, silly waiting for a man to say goodbye, but they do not know that he has already loved, the reason why he did not leave, do not mention breaking up, is because he has not yet found a good home, once the home is determined, you want to stay.

Dont love but dont leave, most of the time men are waiting for women to speak first.

Recently, Ming Yiyue read a letter from a male reader, in which he said with great perplexity, I dont love my girlfriend for a long time, and I want to leave her, so I intentionally neglect her, but she is still so kind to me. Sometimes I intentionally get angry, she said it doesnt matter. She also said that we have been together for six years, its time to get married. Yeah... How can I make her understand that I dont want to get married, I just want to break up?

Look, dont love but dont leave, and make trouble with you everywhere. At this time, the woman is silly looking forward to the unnecessary wedding, only to forget that this man has changed his mind. Now he has no wedding, no love, just waiting for you to say leave first.

Mingyi thinks that if he doesnt love but doesnt leave, many times a man is waiting for a woman to say goodbye first, because only when a woman first opens her mouth to say goodbye, can a man have reason to say, Not I dont want her, but she doesnt want me first. Listening to sympathy, in fact, he has already planned a breakup plot, which is the mans hypocritical truth.