When we first fell in love, he said that we hated seeing each other late, and I confessed one thing, he would break up.

 When we first fell in love, he said that we hated seeing each other late, and I confessed one thing, he would break up.

Sometimes, its hard to blame whos right and whos wrong. You can only say that when you meet a selfish person, you should be sober and not continue to insult yourself.

Because a person of good character, even if he doesnt love you, may lend a helping hand at the critical moment, so that you wont be too tragic.

My boyfriend is over 30 years old, undergraduate, has a house and no car, with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan. However, three years of divorce, no children, just more than 30. Its also a bachelors degree, with a house and a car, and a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan.

The current boyfriend always said he was busy, and he would come to see you two nights a week. When he first fell in love, the man said he hated you too late. However, I thought I had met true love, and confessed to my boyfriend that I had hepatitis B, Xiaosanyang.

Men have probably changed since then. It should be that women are not healthy enough to worry about not having healthy offspring. Because of this problem, men have to break up.

After a painful recovery, they continued to be together. But the first active boyfriend became passive. However, if he sends him good morning, he will return an expression at lunch time.

Of course, he never said he would see his parents with him. His circle of friends did not introduce Ranran to his friends. In his world, however, only one person knows him.

In this way, he hardly does housework, but let him do a little help to see if the household appliances are broken, he will help to see a month later.

However, let him help install a tap, he said tired, let him spend money to find a master dress, in fact, he obviously will dress, but he did not want to do anything for her.

In addition, although spoken English is good, the man let her teach herself very early, a total of 50 classes, but has already taught him more than 20.

In terms of money, despite his high income, he didnt spend much money for it. He only spent a little on dates, such as singing, watching movies, and occasionally buying fruit.

However, he said that men never remember holidays, Christmas, my birthday, and July Eve. So the day before his birthday, remind him to buy the smallest cake to accompany him.

The next day, he bought a 10 yuan cake. On the seventh evening of the seventh lunar month, however, he was reminded that he still came with unprecedented hands, without any explanation.

However, when he said he was unhappy, he said that he had forgotten it again. If he wanted him to make up for it, he would change the topic, perfunctory or not reply directly.

She also recalled that men once said that love is to use each other.

So she began to think about what she got from her boyfriend. Is it company? Every time he comes, he almost serves him and serves him.

Is it money? He was unwilling to spend money on himself. Is that helpful? He didnt help. No matter big or small things, she solved them by herself.

Because since she said she had health problems, he has been dissatisfied with this object. He was very realistic, so later with her, it was she who saved it, and he reluctantly took it first.

So this is a very clear situation, ah, do not leave such a person, can only continue to pay, and waste time, but also be despised by him, why?

Such a man, if he does not contact again, should be hard-hearted down. Otherwise, he will feel: anyway, you take the initiative, you have to follow him, he is idle anyway, idle to ignore you, no time to ignore you on the line.

He didnt intend to give her a satisfactory ending, because he had been perfunctory in the process. Of course, he wont be afraid to break up, because he broke up too early.

But when she learned about her physical condition, she directly proposed a breakup, which showed that he had made a clear choice at that time.

Later, the process of continuing to communicate was just forced. So in the process, he just fooled around passively without any loss.

In a mans world, you havent seen any of his relatives and friends, which is the clear answer: he doesnt recognize you.

So you cant get anything out of this kind of communication. Why do you want to continue? Is it warm? Short and false. Love? No, he didnt show any love at all.

I cant remember whether the festival is a holiday or not. Its because he doesnt have the same mind and mind at all. I dont want to pay more for this woman because he doesnt want to invest in a relationship that will end sooner or later.

Such a relationship, such a man, but also wronged himself to retain him, but because there is still a sense of luck, feel that they may continue to move him, conquer him.

Its sad to want him to change slowly and become better to himself, or to think of marrying himself one day at last.

Such an idea, there are also elements of unwillingness, but it is also in the side of torture themselves, while wasting time, is a kind of almost no winning waiting.

So the best way is to make up your mind, stop grieving and let yourself continue to give humbly. Pay is to give to the right person, worth the person.

And that kind of person, the world will never be missing, but they are stuck in a wrong relationship and refuse to come out, they missed the opportunity to start again.