Yishu: In love, what kind of womans posture is the best?

 Yishu: In love, what kind of womans posture is the best?

Not too poor, either driving Lamborghini or Pingzhi RV (Mercedes-Benz), wearing cashmere, silk shirt, Pearl earrings, aesthetic is first-class. Even in times of hardship, when you cant afford new clothes, the collar of an old shirt needs to be ironed straight and good.

Most women dont drive famous cars and wear designer clothes. So what? Even if you cant afford new clothes, there are goods. But too many women dont pay attention to this. Wrinkled clothes rushed out on dates, and boyfriends didnt mind. Well, he doesnt mind. Should you pay a minimum attention to dating? Even if you dont need to wear gorgeous clothes, old clothes have their best look. My boyfriend doesnt say that its not necessarily comfortable to look at himself. Simple and generous is the quality of ordinary people.

Two Dimensions

There is a sense of proportionality, advance and retreat; even if it would be foolish, there is also a kind of pride, not entangled, turn around and leave.

Dont mention it, some girls like to fight like hell. For example, ask your boyfriend to promise something. Boyfriend said good, but not good. You have to make sure, swear or something. Its tiresome. Why dont you trust others? This is also a sign of self-distrust. And the sense of proportionality in love is beyond the reach of many girls. Often hurt the other side, also do not know. I always thought it was my boyfriend. Anything could be done. Youre doing it. Youve lost the goodwill of your partner. Finally, you wait to cry!

Three patterns

There is a pattern in the chest, self-love, self, but not selfishness - selfishness falls into inferiority.

The pattern of women determines the height and quality of your love. This is an age of personality, but you should not be so personality good for your boyfriend. You cant treat humility as a sacrifice like Judan. Although love is great, it can not be narrowly understood as dedication. But too selfish behavior, can only let the boyfriend frustrated. If you want to cherish this relationship, dont entanglement with other boys. In a word: self-love, not selfishness.

Yes, everything is easy to know and difficult to do. Being able to be more and more perfect is also the pursuit of being a man.

In love, I hope you are a tasteful, disciplined and structured woman. Love the present, cherish the present!