Tea dress, white T-shirt, small square collar, look good in this way!

 Tea dress, white T-shirt, small square collar, look good in this way!

Yu Qiwei: What Kaka said about summer is to see something to cool down!. A kind of

Hu Chao: Kaka, share with you a Summer photo of my husband taking me in a nearby park at the weekend.

On the evening of Shanghais plum blossom season, in the hot summer, cicadas are singing and there is a kind of summer coming. The whole people are cheering up with and Kaka to welcome the beautiful summer day. A kind of

Mayfy: Kaka, this is my hairstyle for my brothers graduation ceremony in England. Ill give you a reference. Its also short and medium hair. I dyed my milk tea brown. Its quite in line with my personality. A kind of

Wearing the sunny breeze

Tingmao: Kaka, I went to Kyoto, Japan last week to play, wearing a wave-point skirt, sunny breeze, broken flower skirt took beautiful photos, to share with you! A kind of

KAEDE: I think green is a true combination of colors except black, white and grey. Heres my match. A kind of

Ritawan: I havent shared Kaka with you for a long time. Im practicing in New York now. Every day Im full and happy. These sets of shoes can be changed to wear clothes directly to work. When I get off work, I just go to the night hall. A kind of

Tea break skirt

Tea dress is also a hot element of this year, when you go out to play, wear special camera;

Mandy: Travel to Naka Island in Thailand and wear the flower tea skirt recommended by Kaka. A kind of

Ted: Kaka, greetings from the Egyptian pyramid. Youve learned a lot and your taste has gradually improved. It was a brave attempt to I cant wear red in the past. It was not bad. Thank you for your support. A kind of

WR: This is a picture taken yesterday in Puzhou Park, Nansha. Its a great picture with straw hat and tea skirt. Appropriate French Style is elegant in temperament. I like it very much and share it with Kaka. A kind of

AMY: Women who make Kaka feel beautiful everywhere. After putting on their skirts, they float away in an instant. A kind of

White T-shirt

Judy: Last year, I started to wear the realisation par leopard skirt. Its comfortable, beautiful and amorous. Its true that I cant run with my belly. There is also the Shanghai hainight sling in his home, which has the first-class effect of smooth material on stomach. For girls with slightly breast on this sling skirt, they can not wear underwear or sticker on their breasts; the cloth is very solid. A kind of

Soft and comfortable: like white and blue matching, very small and fresh, white T-shirt + light blue jeans shorts, white sneakers, plus straw hat can concave shape. A kind of


After the last collection of tours, there have been people wearing yellow clothes in the background.

Yanqing Linzi: Kaka likes you very much. Share the photos of Puzhe Black in Yunnan for you. Long time in Fan cage, return to nature. A kind of

Zzzzshu: Kaka shows you my yellow suspender. I bought it before I went out to play. Now I think its right. A kind of

Weihong: A simple yellow T-shirt with a half skirt goes well with the blue sea. Although Im over 50 years old, I feel more energetic in yellow. A kind of


Purple dressing has also received many beautiful pictures, white dressing is very immortal, yellow dressing is also very temperamental:

Yuzhi: Light purple dotted jacket, small square collar, Coin Necklace recommended by the matching card, this color is really beautiful (bought from Zara). A kind of

Town Girl: Yesterday, after reading this article about purple dress, I remembered that when I went to Bali Valentines Cliff, I was wearing a purple skirt with no knees. A kind of

Aimee: Kaka saw you pushing in fairy colors. I love lavender very much. Share with you the photos taken last summer in LALuguna Beach. A kind of

quare neck

Look at everyones sharing, Fang Ling is really suitable for making retro blockbusters. Reader Chen Lulu LUCY even chose the square collar for her wedding dress.

Chen Lu LUCY: Kaka, as soon as I finished the wedding, I chose the square collar for the wedding dress. A kind of

Lvyao Lico: Kaka, long sleeve square collar, soft material shirt is really thin! Add a row of buttons (big or small are good looking), very classic! The coordinates are a little bit time-lagged, but have a nice working day on Tuesday! A kind of

A vast expanse of forest

A few days ago, a group of eye-catching forest patches were issued. Shells were unwilling to show their weakness, and they sunned their own forest patches one after another.

The other party is typing: Share my photo with Kaka, taken in Czech Republic. A kind of

W.: After reading the tweets, I was so excited that I took some green photos yesterday, which made me understand each other. A kind of

Salley: Share a group of pictures Kaka took at school two days ago. Pick some wild flowers every three or five times. Look at the sky and see how we feel. Lets get better and better together. A kind of

Luwj: Kaka, when I saw the forest blockbuster you shared, I thought about the pictures I had taken with my girlfriend in the school woods before. Right when I went to the forest! A kind of

Buy and buy shells

Finally, another wave of trophies we all share, all of which are super-purchasing!

Cold and noble grounding gas: share the trophies, bracelets, earrings and ties of Hermes counter at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris this year. Damaged friends said that you can wear it for a lifetime. Okay, I hope you dont regret it. As Kaka said, the watch is also beautiful. A kind of

Sijia: Ha-ha, Mikimoto from my husband. Its really good for straight men of iron and steel to have this taste. I got a certificate last week. A kind of

Well, thats all for shell sharing tonight. I wish you all a bright smile. See you tomorrow.

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