Shoulder-slipping Liu Yifei and flat buttock Naza clash shirt, who wins?

 Shoulder-slipping Liu Yifei and flat buttock Naza clash shirt, who wins?

Guan Xiaotong has always been said by netizens that there is a kind of unspeakable local atmosphere, and even said by netizens that God rewards the earth to eat, how to change the shape can not be covered.

Where did Guan Xiaotongs earthiness come from? Lets take a look at the two refined drawings she has sunned out.

As we all know, Guan Xiaotong is H-shaped, with broad upper shoulders and thick backs. He is particularly prone to appear strong, and his neck is short and thick. The horsetail on the left side completely exposes his shortcomings, which is very tragic.

Some of these little lovable people may have such questions. Some stars are clearly good enough to shape their bodies. Why are there subtle nuanced things?

Today, Ill discuss with you why some people just look so rustic. What is earth atmosphere in the end?

It is difficult to define soil and gas by a standard, which is abstract and subjective. It is different to look only at the part and the whole. For example, Shen Yue, her hard photos are pretty, and her smiles are sweet, warm enough.

Pick with passers-by. As long as they take photos with other actresses, they will be crushed into passers-by.

This District Flower also needs to correct a wrong idea. It does not mean that the earth must be ugly. The earth also has good looks. It just does not conform to the current mainstream aesthetics and is the kind of appearance that elders like. For example, early Ma Sichun and Liu Tao. Ma Si-chun is the feeling of a good girl next door, Liu Tao is the feeling of a virtuous and virtuous mother-in-law, not ugly in shape, but it just seems that there is no earthy atmosphere.

There are also sisters of milk tea, five features are really good-looking, but because they can not dress up, in the early days, how to look very small family spirit. Of course, after years of polishing and workplace experience, the experience and temperament of her tea sister has also changed a lot. 02 Where does the earth come from?

Deeply speaking, native air means primitive, so we have to say primitive people, in contrast to the appearance of primitive people, to say what points will show native air on our faces now? Short and narrow forehead, more foetal hair and lower cranial apex

According to the facial features of the primitive people, it is easy to see that the primitive people had a very short court, a flat forehead, heavy hair and a low skull top. So the change of forehead has a great influence on soil atmosphere. Zhao Liying, for example, had a very small forehead in the early stage. After she lost her hairline in the late stage, her forehead widened a lot, which was more in line with the standard of three courtyards and five eyes. There is also a very classic example - Li Zi, early not only small forehead, facial hair is also very lush, broken hair, beard and too thick eyebrows, are not related to refinement, appears to be a special village. After depilation, it was refreshing. Short forehead should try to change the proportion of the court, in addition to dosth hairline, you can also change the proportion through eyebrows. Chen Huilin, for example, emphasized the eyebrow peak in the early stage, and the visual contraction effect was too strong. Her forehead would appear narrower, as did Zhao Liying in the early stage. If you draw your eyebrows more straight and lengthen them properly, it will appear that the court will be wider and more balanced visually. Fetal hair disorder is also easy to show soil, such as Guan Xiaotong, after finishing the fetal hair, blunt feeling disappeared. Of course, in addition to these, low skull top is also one of the main culprits of visible earth! Low skull tops show soil because the head cant wrap the face. After the hair root is fluffy, the top of the skull becomes taller, the face is small, and at the same time, it has a sense of fashion. The eyebrow part of the eyebrow scratches people. It looks good at first sight. It will look better if you look at it carefully. The secret is the distance between eyebrows and eyes.

It can shorten the length of atrium. Short atrium looks younger, not so old.

How to shorten the distance between eyebrows and eyes through eyebrows? There are two ways. 1. Modify eyelids in different ways.

This method I found in Jennies eye makeup, ordinary cosmetic we do not always draw small triangles near the root of the mountain. But this method is to shade under the eyebrow and waist. Thats probably the scope.

In this way, the effect of facial training, personal measurement of the distance between eyebrows and eyes is very effective. Its like hiding a small part of the eyelids and making them concave.

2. Lower eyebrows.

When drawing eyebrows, move them down a little. Like shadowing, eyebrows are close to each other and the eyes look deeper and more powerful.

In addition to the problem of vertical eyebrow spacing, there is sometimes another reason why our eyebrows are not attractive. The eyebrows are too far away.

So we can consider strengthening the existence of eyebrows slightly.

The width reserved is similar to the width of the mountain root on the back of the nose. Or use black mascara to increase eyebrows on eyebrows and make wild eyebrows feel. With the strength of the eyebrows, the eyes will seem to have a sense of focus, more profound.

Of course, double eyelids have the same effect! Take an extreme example, for example, Jing Tian, who was previously mocked as a sad frog, was originally equipped with fan-shaped double eyelids in the early stage. The width of the double eyelids was relatively small, so the eyebrow distance was wide. After cutting the same eyelids of the sad frog, the distance between eyebrows and eyes was directly reduced by half. Many people cut this kind of ultra-wide European eyelids, in fact, in order to look good after makeup, but plain face can not see! Fortunately, Jing Tian realized that the same eyelids of the sad frog were not suitable. She had a repair operation, and the width of the eyelids returned to normal level. In addition to the eyelids, long eyelashes can also shorten the eyebrow distance. Take Jing Tian as an example. Before the film festival, she turned herself into the model of Celtic Immortal, and the sculpture of eye makeup was very delicate. The long sunflower eyelashes naturally enlarged the eyes and shortened the eyebrow distance, making them more exquisite. There are also Dili Reba and Yang Fang, both spokesmen of exquisite sunflower eyelashes, which are totally out of step with the local atmosphere! So how can we have perfect sunflower eyelashes? Previously in the eyelash topic has been described in detail, you can be interested to poke Wu Jingyan Dili Reba with the frame map contrast is tragic, Ming Reba is younger but 10 years old because of the bug here?

The nose part all said that the nose is the first nose of the five senses, whether it is delicate or not, directly related to whether the whole face is rustic. For example, Wu Yifan and Jackie Chan. Although Wu Yifan has become more greasy recently, this nose cant be mistaken. This kind of big nose and small three-dimensional nose is a striking contrast, you can see at a glance that the big nose is undoubtedly a more earthy one. In addition, wide nose wing + collapsed nose bridge will also be more earthy, there is a kind of primitive catch-up. For example, when my mother-in-laws nose narrows and the back of her nose gets taller, her fashion also goes up. If you dont want to use a knife, you can also learn from the comprehensive nose training techniques. 1, repair the stick + concealer to build the foundation of the nasal bridge.

For the nose with low mountain roots and low nose back, the first step is to make a bottom. Use the matte and the matte bright color concealer to construct an original shape of the nose. (You can imagine painting)

When you outline the lines, the shadow follows the rough and thin shape, pretending to draw a straight nose bridge. After using the sponge egg to blot out, remember to use the light color concealer to brighten the middle.

2. Powder absorbs oil and fixes makeup to reduce makeup effect

This step is very friendly to novice cosmetologists. It doesnt matter if the hand remnants are heavy at first. Then a layer of powder, oil absorption and makeup fixing can naturally soften the color just now.

At the same time, it is also ready for the next real facial improvement.

3. Use cosmetic powder to deepen and brighten both sides of the nose bridge.

The first step is to build the basic shape of the nose. This step can be used as a cosmetic powder as usual.

On both sides of the mountain roots and nose wings, sweep the shadows and deepen the shadows according to the motion map.

Why use shadow powder again? The first reason is that the color of powder is more natural than that of paste, and the second reason is that the powder is used before the bottom, and then the powder product is better dizzy dyeing, and the effect is more realistic.

In this way, the natural high nose will come out. The effect is really very natural ~very suitable for everyday makeup painting. In addition to nose collapse and wide nose wings, the presence of garlic nose will also make the face look rustic. Sisters S and sisters are typical of the same wide nose, so the look and refinement is really far from the same.

And Ouyang Na is often mocked as Rihannas cousin because of her fat nose. Fortunately, her nose is not very wide, so the first way to widen the bridge of the nose is feasible.

Her nose. Deliberately widen the distance between the shadows of the roots on both sides, and brighten the part from the forehead to the roots. The middle part of the bridge of the nose is totally untouched, so that the width of the bridge of the nose is visible, and the gap between the bridge and the nose is not big, so naturally it looks good.

If your garlic nose is very hypertrophic, the gap between the width of the nose bridge and the garlic nose is obvious, it may not be suitable for this method. Not only is it difficult, but the bridge of the nose is too wide to look like Avatar. You can refer to the following solution.

1. Follow the root of the mountain to find the extension line of the nose bridge.

According to the width base of the nose bridge, follow down to find the width that the nose should have. You can make a little mark in your heart.~

2. Stretching and shaping Nose Tips

According to the position just marked, stretch the nose with a facial brush, and draw out the visual sense of nose bridge extension. There will also be nose-shrinking effect ~to the first pen here, oh, after sweeping, and then simply take the powder over the upper part of the bridge can be.

3. Cross-repairing and retracting nose wing

The last step is to find the width of the tip of the nose, so that the nose is three-dimensional first. This step is to lose weight on both sides of the nose. Look at the specific location here. Here is the line between the nostril and the tip of the nose. Draw an oblique line to repair the face.

The advantage is that it looks cleaner and more invisible than applying the alar part directly outside the nose. So the nose is small and three-dimensional, natural garlic nose looks more delicate and lovely.

Lip part

How does the lip show up? Lets recall that primitive peoples lips were thick and convex. And the typical thick lip is Limei Ishihara. The lips are thick and slightly convex, without clear lip lines and full of insensitivity. However, after changing the way of lipstick makeup, it has become a classic case of thick lips becoming more beautiful! ___________ Change the way of making-up with convex lips and thick lips. When applying lipstick, dont paint your mouth so full or even overflowing. You can use the following method to cover the lip line with a good foundation and apply lipstick to the middle part of the upper and lower lip. Then use your finger to dye lipstick around. This will not be as exaggerated as lip-biting makeup, it is a natural gradual excess, the mouth will look much lighter and more compact.

The convex mouth must be omitted from the cheek facial shaping, which refers to the triangular area under the zygoma, especially in European and American painting. You should be familiar with the action of straight sweeping with your mouth. But for convex mouth people, this painting has played a negative role. The contraction of the cheeks on both sides is itself a choking feeling, not to mention the prominent situation of the mouth itself. Maybe it will even aggravate the old fashion. So for such sisters, we should cherish the beeping meat on both cheeks. Zygomatic part

Speaking of the cheekbones, I have to mention Liu Tao. A large part of the reason for her rustic manner is that her cheekbones are enlarged and her head cant cover her face. She looks very old and native. The change of height and circle is enough to explain the influence of zygoma on temperament.

Whats more, its not only that the cheekbones dont expand outwards, but also that they protrude forward, which will make the face look fuller, and the face shape will change and be more photographed. Are you still offering a great way to improve your face for your high cheekbones? Many young partners are used to sweeping their cheeks and shaving their faces in this way when making up, but this kind of shaping really only emphasizes the depression of your face and prominence of your cheekbones.

If you add such shadows to the inner edge of the zygoma, you can only see the zygoma on your face.

The correct way to deal with it is to use brown blush to gently weaken the cheekbones and mandible. But the color must not be too deep.

(Motion Map Source: Rillas Bad Taste)

Then fill the current triangle with high light and make the prominent zygoma less prominent by highlighting the atrium and chin.

(Motion Map Source: Rillas Bad Taste) Mandibular Part

The mandibular side also causes excessive volume of the face, insufficiently refined and cumbersome. For example, early Yang Fang and Zeng Yike thought that they were sisters who had been lost for many years just by looking at the mandible. After Yang Powerdosth, the mandible becomes more delicate and the face is much smaller. Its more oceanic. Small cute people with well-developed mandibles should never put down heavy hands and turn them into beards. It is better to use a dark dressing rod along the mandibular angle position, first directly outline the profile of the lateral mandible, the length from the earlobe to the right and left under the lip angle is appropriate.

With this line as the demarcation line, first use a wet sponge to halo. And then gently sweep it again with cosmetic powder, or in order to cut off the mandible.

Well, for the sake of everyones brain cells, its over here today. There are many contents, you can take your time and learn to get rid of the local atmosphere.~

In the see, the flower will release the soil flavor and how to save it.