Black is not everything. Choose carefully!

 Black is not everything. Choose carefully!

In 1926, VOGUE published a manuscript of Ms. Cocos flapperstyle black narrow-body dress. It is predicted that the dress will become a uniform to suit all womens tastes.

Black has also gone from funeral to ordinary life and fashion, and has been popular all over the world since then. In order to show professionalism, highlight personality, sense of superiority, dignity and mystery, we will also choose black first.

But have you ever thought: Is black really everything? The answer is: No.

Reason 1 Linkfashion

We must always believe that,

Whatever color you choose,

Want to dress well,

For example, in hot weather,

Outdoors in direct sunlight,

Wearing black on a large area absorbs heat more than any other color.

Thats why some people accidentally wear long black skirts to go on vacation.

Research shows,

It gives the ground the most heat in a day.

White absorbs only 35% of it.

And black because it absorbs all visible light.

It can even absorb more than 90% of the heat.

Put it on like a moving solar panel~

For a cool wearing experience,

The smaller the black coverage, the better.

Reason 2: Link fahsion

Many people believe that black is the most durable color in the world.

It has little to do with the color itself.

It mainly depends on what the stain is.

On a bright sunny day with high temperature,

Its the least suitable for going out in black.

Sweat stains from high fever

The main ingredients are salt and fat from the body.

White is awkward.

Reason 3: Linkfashion

Considering the needs of everyday life,

Asian women do not have stereoscopic facial features.

Born with a warm yellow tone.

Especially in hot weather season, make-up is easy to spend.

Put black on your upper body near your face.

Even less impressive.

The face is not brightened by any reflected light.

So black doesnt brighten the skin, let alone whiten it.

But white is different from light, soft colors.

They will look like natural reflectors.

Make your skin more transparent and healthy.


Keep black away from face safest~

Reason 4: Linkfashion

But also because of the distinct personality, we will not hesitate to wear black to the workplace, reflecting wisdom and professionalism. They will also wear elegant black dresses to attend the dinner, mysterious and sexy, unique and worthy of partyqueen.~

After all, life is not just about the rigorous workplace and the highlights of the party. We always need to relax and look bright and bright, so I dont know if you find it? When we go on vacation or do outdoor activities, we seldom choose black.

Reason 5: Linkfashion

They will tell themselves:

Black has the effect of visual contraction, the thinnest.

But the fact is:

It is not the color block itself that is thin.

It is the visual difference between dark and light color blocks.

That is to say, a single black can not achieve the purpose of thinning.

If you wear black,

Keep in mind the splicing of light colors.

Or a large area of dew~

- Editorial remarks-

When the weather is still hot,

Lets put down the black for the time being.~

Especially get rid of the black clothes that look hot.

Keep a cool life for yourself.

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